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Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of Bid for House Speaker, Vote Postponed

Kevin McCarthy the Majority Leader of the House abruptly pulled out of the Speaker of the House race on the day it was widely expected he would be nominated for that same position. McCarthy told a field of reporters that if the Republicans are to unite and become strong a new face needs to help […]

U.S. Deports Fewest Number of Immigrants in a Decade

The White House administration deported the fewest number of undocumented immigrants the past 12 months since 2006, says figures from the government obtained by an International news agency. The figures show that the deportations of immigrants with a criminal record have fallen to their lowest since 2009 when President Obama took office. This is despite […]

Trump Favorite with Polls Not With Bettors

Donald Trump the Republican presidential candidate is currently leading in the opinion polls but odds makers said that someone else would receive the GOP nomination next year. Two betting sites offshore have former governor of Florida Jeb Bush as the current favorite to win the GOP nomination in 2016 and not Trump. Both betting sites […]

Bernie Sanders Campaign Raises over $26 Million in Third Quarter

The reporting deadline is October 15, but Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have already released big numbers for third quarter campaign donations. The numbers tell election pundits something about what the state of this election is from the Democratic side. The insurgent campaign of Sanders raised over $26 million during the quarter from July […]

Chris Christie Picks Up Endorsements, Promises to Play Hard

A group of Iowans four years ago flew on a private jet to New Jersey. The prominent group attempted to persuade Chris Christie he should run for president. Christie told them he did not feel the timing was right. Four years have passed and despite a rocky year on the campaign trail and daunting odds […]

John Boehner Resigns as House Speaker

John Boehner the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is leaving Congress at the end of October following a struggle with continual rebellions from conservatives during his tumultuous reign of five years as the top Republican of the chamber. The Ohio lawmaker who is 65 stunned members of the Republican House on Friday during […]

Jindal and Santorum Will Stay In GOP Race

Following Scott Walker’s exit from the GOP presidential nomination race, both Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and Rick Santorum a former U.S. Senator, said they planned on remaining in the race. During his exit speech on Monday in Wisconsin, Walker called on other candidates amongst the Republicans to also drop out. He encouraged other GOP candidates […]

Scott Walker Calls It Quits on Presidential Run

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, whose popularity early as a presidential contender from the Republican Party, was snuffed out due to the rise of his anti-establishment rivals, has announced that he will quit the presidential race. He urged some of the other 15 GOP rivals to follow suit so their party could find one a strong […]

Carly Fiorina Wins Praise for Second GOP Debate

Carly Fiorina, speaking during a round of interviews for national television on Thursday morning, looked to temper the growing expectations of her presidential candidacy only hours after putting on the final changes of a widely praised debate performance in the second Republican debate. The former CEO at Hewlett-Packard whose polished showing was a hit on […]

Martin O’Malley Says American Dream Can Be Restored with Gun Control

According to published reports, Martin O’Malley, a Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate said that gun control would be part of his plan of restoring the country’s American Dream. O’Malley said that expanding the background checks for every purchase of a gun whether from an online posting, private sale or licensed dealer would be his first step. […]