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Ted Cruz Says Mitch McConnell is a Lair in Attack on Senate Floor

Breaching the usual standards for courtesy in the Senate, Ted Cruz one of the Republican presidential hopefuls said the leader of his party had violated his trust over a federal bank. In an attack that stunned many, Cruz on Friday accused Mitch McConnell the majority leader in the Senate of lying and saying he was […]

Border Patrol Pulls Agents from Trump Event

The border patrol agents union said its members would not take part in Donald Trump’s visit on Thursday to tour the border between Texas and Mexico, saying that event was too politicized. Hector Garza, the Local 2455 President of the National Border Patrol Council said to be clear, an endorsement never was discussed for any […]

John Kasich the Governor of Ohio Enters GOP Race

Mixing spiritual with secular, John Kasich the Governor of Ohio on Tuesday becomes the 16th major candidate from the Republican Party to formally enter the race for his party’s nomination for president. In a long speech to announce his candidacy at Ohio State his alma mater, Governor Kasich cited this vast experience as both a […]

Republicans Fire Barbs Back at Donald Trump

Republican candidates for the Party’s nomination immediately fire barbs back on social media at Donald Trump expressing outrage after his comment that insinuated that Senator John McCain might not have been a war hero. Some candidates used the opportunity to speak about Trump and other opponents as well during a Family Leadership Summit in Iowa […]

Michael Grimm Former U.S. Representative Receives Prison Time

Ex-U.S. Representative Michael Grimm received a sentence on Friday of eight months in prison for a felony tax evasion charge. Grimm was sentenced in a federal court in Brooklyn. Grimm, who is a Republican, represented Staten Island a borough in New York City. He admitted this past December that he had underreported wages at Healthalicious, […]

Hillary Clinton Supports Iran Deal Made by Obama

Hillary Clinton the Democratic presidential candidate said on Tuesday night that she supports the nuclear agreement that the Obama administration made with Iran to freeze its current nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of crippling economic sanctions. Clinton said she supports the agreement because she believes it is the best path of all the […]

Scott Walker Enters 2016 Presidential Race

Scott Walker the Governor of Wisconsin officially entered the 2016 presidential race on Monday with a Facebook video and tweet making in the fifteenth Republicans candidate who will battle for the GOP nomination. I am in. I am running for the president because Americans are deserving of a leader who is going to fight for […]

White House GOP Hopefuls Trying to Find Anti-Abortion Support

On Friday, Republican presidential hopefuls were trying to distinguish themselves before an important group of conservative activists, using the National Right to Life Convention as a way to share their stories and detail the restriction of abortion that they helped into law. The big question now is whether this scramble helps or hurts the anti-abortion […]

Republican Chairman Speaks to Donald Trump Over Campaign

The Republican Party chairman has called Donald Trump as the Democrats ratcheted up their efforts to tie the presidential candidate and his outspoken comments regarding immigrants and immigration to all presidential candidates from the GOP. Reince Priebus the GOP chairman and Trump spoke on Wednesday over a range of different topics, said the Republican National […]

GOP Candidate Bush Says Snowden Should Get No Leniency

Jeb Bush one of the many presidential candidates from the Republican Party said that former contractor for the National Security Agency, Edward Snowden should not receive any leniency for the leaks he made over the surveillance programs of the government. The former governor of Florida has strongly defended the surveillance programs of the NSA, which […]