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Donald Trump’s Unwanted Supporters: White Supremacists

Voters in New Hampshire might be stunned when they hear the latest robocall asking for their vote; white nationalists with a disturbing yet simple message. On telephone calls that New Hampshire residents are receiving, the voice on the line says we do not need Muslims. We need educated, smart white people. The calls started this […]

Rick Santorum Out of GOP Race, Endorses Rubio

Rick Santorum the former Senator from Pennsylvania ended another bid for the White House on Wednesday. He also announced that he would be supporting Marco Rubio, the freshman Florida senator for the presidential nomination of the GOP. Santorum announced on Wednesday that the best thing he could do was end his campaign. He said the […]

GOP Governors in New Hampshire Aiming at Marco Rubio

The surprisingly strong finish in Iowa by Marco Rubio in Monday’s caucuses shuffled the competition amongst the Republican presidential candidates for New Hampshire. That has led some to focus their attack on the Florida Senator leading up to the state’s primary next week. A sense of renewed urgency could be seen in New Hampshire as […]

Rival Factions Amongst Top Donors Behind Cruz and Rubio

The wealthy donors that have built a strong shadow of outside groups of the Republican Party are quickly moving into two equally deep-pocketed and mutually hostile factions, complicating the effort to deny the nomination of the party to Donald Trump, show reports filed on Sunday with the Federal Election Commission. Many of the financiers on […]

Ohio State Senator Has Asked If Mothers Can Become Lawmakers

Jennifer Herold is a mother of two and a candidate for the 7th House district seat of the Ohio legislature. The Republican is an occupational therapist and has two issues on her campaign platform: funds for public schools and awareness of mental health. However, her opponent, Tom Patton the incumbent is receiving attention for another […]

Donald Trump Might Skip Next Republican Debate

Donald Trump the current frontrunner amongst the GOP vying for the 2016 presidential nomination says he might skip the upcoming GOP debate. Trump says that he would not be participating in the debate Thursday on Fox News after yet one more disagreement with the network over Megyn Kelly their anchor and her planned role as […]

One Week Before Caucuses in Iowa, Democrats Look for Edge

Locked in a battle to win the opening nominating contest next week for the election in November, the two leading presidential candidates from the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton as well as Bernie Sanders will look to gain whatever edge possible on Monday in front of droves of voters during a town hall meeting in Des […]

Mitch McConnell Opens Door for Debate on Obama Powers

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell from Kentucky set the stage for a debate on legislation that would give broad authority to President Barack Obama to use military force against the radical militant group Islamic State. McConnell generally has opposed the thought of revisiting the authority of the president for Middle East military operations, warning the legal […]

Sarah Palin to Help Trump Fight Ted Cruz

With only 13 days left until the caucuses in Iowa, Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are sending out different people to the state where the GOP electorate is very conservative and each wants to win very badly. Trump started his closing arguments in Iowa on Tuesday night when he was given an endorsement […]

Bernie Sanders Says Bill Clinton Questions are Upsetting

Bernie Sanders the Senator from Vermont who is becoming more and more popular amongst Democrats was asked during the South Carolina Democratic Debate on Sunday night if he regrets saying that former President Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions were deplorable. The question did not amuse Sanders at all. He answered by saying that the question annoyed […]

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Clash in GOP Debate

Donald Trump and fellow GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz clashed on Thursday in the most personal and sharpest encounters thus far in the ongoing campaign season. Trump said following the debate that the “bromance” has ended. The event, which lasted 2 ½ hours was sponsored by the Fox Business Network and was filled with a […]

President Obama Confronts Fears of American in Address

President Barack Obama Tuesday night set forth his ambitious vision for the future of the U.S., but conceded his failure to heal the divisions politically that are holding back progress, calling it the lasting disappointment of his time in office. In a speech broadcast in primetime that avoided the usual list of policy prescription, Obama […]

Veteran Aged 33 In Senate Bid Against 81-Year Old Senator

A Marine veteran who is just 33 is attempting to convince national conservative organizations to help him in his campaign in hopes that Alabama’s Republican Senate primary is to be the next big battleground between the Republican establishment and conservative outsiders. The candidate is Jonathan McConnell and he is running against Senator Richard Shelby, who […]

Governor of Maine in Racially Charged Dialogue Over Drug Epidemic

Paul LePage the Governor of Maine used language that was racially charged to accuse people that are from outside his state of fueling an epidemic of substance abuse, then fleeing to their home after they have impregnated a young girl who is white. Asked during a town hall meeting about what his current administration was […]

Parliament Will Debate Donald Trump Ban

Donald Trump could be left out in the cold, or at least not let in. A popular push to have the Republican presidential candidate banned from entering the United Kingdom will be debated by Parliament in the UK, said a House of Commons spokesperson. The debate will take place January 18 at Westminster Hall where […]

Bill Clinton to Campaign for HIllary

Bill Clinton is returning to the campaign trail along with all his different baggage. For a number of months, the former U.S. president has for the most part stayed outside the bright lights of the 2016 race, mentioned most just in passing by Hillary Clinton the Democratic front-runner. However, on Monday former President Clinton will […]

Clinton Campaign Raises over $37 million during Fourth Quarter

The campaign for Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party, announced on New Years it had raised over $37 million over the last three months to support her effort to win her party’s nominated. The campaign announced that the $37 million has put the total amounted raised to over $112 million. The […]

George Pataki Ends Bid for the White House

Former Governor of New York George Pataki ended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination for 2016 with only just more than one month left prior to the first caucuses starting. Pataki made his announcement in an ad aired on affiliates of NBC in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina on Tuesday night. In the […]

Huckabee Ad Says Two Teds Exist on the Campaign Trail

Controversy is swirling over an audio clip of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz that is used in an ad by the Mike Huckabee Super PAC. Some however are saying that the audio was edited and was presented in a way that is misleading. However, on Sunday, Huckabee said nothing was selective and nothing was deceptive. […]

Marco Rubio: More Aid Needed for Persecuted Christians

Marco Rubio has called on members of the State Department to provide additional funding to held the persecuted Christians abroad and to apply sanctions on governments that oppress the religious minorities. Reports have suggested that the U.S. State Department is about to designate the terror by the Islamic State against the Yazidis as being genocide, […]

Donald Trump in Vulgar Attack on Hillary Clinton

Late Monday, Republican Party presidential candidate Donald Trump launched an incredibly vulgar attack against Hillary Clinton, including a comment that was sexually derogatory about her in 2008. Trump said he is not sure who is worse between Obama and Clinton. He also said she was favored in 2008 over Obama and was beaten as well. […]

Bernie Sanders Campaign: Issue on Access to Voter Data Resolved

A spokesperson for the campaign of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination said that the issue involving access to voter data was resolved. This came after the Democratic National Committee earlier had blocked access by the campaign to the data, which prompted the campaign of Sanders to file a suit against the DNC. The […]

Report: Personal Email Used by Ashton Carter for Government Business

Using a personal email, while conducting government business has another member of the White House administration making the headlines. It was reported by the New York Times that Ashton Carter the Secretary of Defense used a person email to conduct part of his official work during the first few months of taking the position. The […]

Republicans To Debate in Las Vegas Looking to Rattle Trump

The next Republican presidential debate is Tuesday night in Las Vegas. The GOP hopefuls will be debating amidst a volatile campaign stretch that has included terrorist attacks in the U.S. as well as abroad and new anxieties have been released amongst voters, while certain candidates have surged to the front in important early voting states. […]

Ted Cruz Opens Lead of 10 Points Over Donald Trump

Ted Cruz is soaring in Iowa. In a recent poll, the U.S. Senator from Texas has passed Donald Trump in Iowa, opening a lead of 10 points in the critical first voting state in the nation. The new poll finds Cruz with a commanding lead of 31% of the likely GOP caucus goers in Iowa, […]