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Dark Money Fuels Campaign Season of Negativity

An ad depicts Mark Udall the Democratic Senator from Colorado as a clone of President Obama who twists the truth. Another portrays Thom Tillis a GOP Senate candidate as a destroyer of families and a tool for special interests. The attacks on television in ad campaigns reveal interesting themes taking place in the election races […]

Ohio Governor: Repeal Obamacare, but Not the Good Parts

On Monday, another political firestorm broke out when Ohio Governor John Kasich was quoted as saying the repeal of Obamacare would not happen. That view is nearly never heard, at least publicly, amongst the vast majority of Republicans, let alone those thinking about running for the presidency in 2016. Kasich however said his words were […]

Republicans Hope for Victory in Maine Senate

While most of the attention has been placed on the highly competitive race in Maine for governor, the state Democratic and Republican parties are as focused or even more focused on races that are not getting the attention statewide but that are seen as just as critical including those for the Maine Senate and House. […]

Bill Clinton in New Hampshire For Democrats

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was in New Hampshire on Thursday night to help rally Democrats for the upcoming midterm elections. Many of those attending a function with Clinton were interested in the future of his wife as their possible Presidential candidate. Clinton was the keynote speaker for the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in New Hampshire. He […]

Governor Rick Scott Claims of Fewer Deaths by Child Abuse Are Questioned

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, has repeatedly told voters that the neglected and abused children have been safer under his Florida leadership than when Charlie Crist his opponent who is a Democrat was the governor. However, an examination by a news agency of his claim shows it might be a bit of an exaggeration. […]

Senate Democrats Dished Out Over $27 Million During September

Democrats in the U.S. Senate who are campaigning for reelection spent close to $1 million per day in defense of their Senate majority that is currently at risk in the upcoming November elections. The Senatorial Campaign Committee for the Democrats released the figures on Monday that also showed the group took in over $16 million […]

First Lady of Oregon Sorry for Marrying Man for Green Card

In 1997, the current first lady of Oregon, Cylvia Hayes, received $5,000 to marry a man from Ethiopia who wanted to receive his green card. During a news conference full of tears in Portland, Oregon, Hayes said that she made a big mistake in a period of her life that was unstable and difficult. She […]

Study: Voter ID Laws Decrease Black Voter Turnout

Requiring voters to have a photo ID to cast their vote lowers the turnout off voters, concluded a nonpartisan watchdog from Congress in a huge report released on Wednesday. The reports said that young, newly registered and black voters were the most likely to stay away. In contrast, Government Accountability Office researchers said they could […]

Bobby Jindal Considering Running in 2016

On Monday, Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana said he was still thinking as well as praying about a possible run for the presidency in 2016, while urging the Republicans to lay out a positive platform and back strong defense spending prior to the election in 2016. The Governor said he did not have a […]

Biden Makes Apology to Turkey President

United States Vice President Joe Biden had claimed that Gulf States and Turkey were funding any group that would fight against Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. Recep Tayyip Erdogan the President of Turkey is not thought of as being a leader who will readily admit mistakes. Vice President Biden is known for his ability to make […]