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Bill Would Add Cigarette Tax of $2.00 in California

A measure introduced on Wednesday in the California Senate would raise the cigarette tax in the state by $2 a pack. The hike supporters said would help to curb the number of smoking deaths, but critics said it would place more needless burden on small business and the consumer. Richard Pan a state senator from Sacramento […]

President Obama Gives Joe Biden His Blessing for Bid in 2016

Vice President Joseph Biden received the blessing of President Barack Obama to make a bid of the White House in 2016, according to one senior Democrat. However, that all depends on if Biden will choose to run. While he does not need the permission of the President, a potential presidential candidacy was one of the […]

Joseph Biden Meets with Elizabeth Warren, Prompts Speculation

Joseph Biden the Vice President huddled Saturday with Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts who is a rising star amongst liberals who has yet to endorse any of the candidates for the Democrats in the presidential race of 2016. The meeting was impromptu and came as speculation has mounted over the own potential candidacy of Biden. […]

Trumps Says Real Unemployment Rate is 42%

Every first Friday of the month, a report is released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the monthly job totals in the U.S. and the unemployment rate in the country. In its report of August 7 the unemployment rate was 5.3%, which is the lowest in over 7 years and nearly half of its […]

Donald Trump Says Birthright Babies are Not Citizens

Donald Trump told a crowd of supporters on Tuesday that he does not think that people who were born to undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are citizens of the U.S. Trump said they did not think they have citizenship and if you speak to good lawyers, many agree. He said the country needed to start […]

Jeb Bush Talks Up Veterans Policy in South Carolina

If Jeb Bush is elected as the president he would push for privatization of more healthcare for veterans, trim the Department of Veterans Affairs size  and make it easier to fire employees that are lower-level who treat veterans improperly. The presidential candidate from the Republican Party unveiled his ideas for a healthcare plan for veterans […]

Joe Arpaio Loses Another Immigration Fight in Court

Joseph Arpaio lost a fight on Friday in his battle over immigration with the Obama administration. The ruling on Friday set down by the U.S. Court of Appeals was unanimous that Arpaio, whose Maricopa County, Arizona department has aggressively attempted to deport undocumented immigrants, did not have a standing to sue. The sheriff complained that […]

Activists Bring Jeb Bust Town Hall Meeting to an End

Demonstrators from Black Lives Matter interrupted an event of Jeb Bush in Las Vegas Wednesday, putting an end to the presidential candidate’s version of a town hall meeting. As the Republican was busy wrapping up a session of questions and answers, the activists entered the town hall meeting with their fists raised and chanting black […]

Report: Rick Perry Not Able to Pay Staff on Presidential Campaign

Rick Perry one of the Republican presidential candidates has stopped paying campaign staffers, a number of media outlets reported, saying the operations of the former of governor of Texas are beginning to run out of money. Citing campaign as well as officials from a super PAC, a national newspaper said that fundraising for the presidential […]

Top Adviser Leaves Trump Campaign

A major political strategist for the Donald Trump GOP Presidential campaign has severed his relationship with the campaign. Roger Stone will no longer aide the outspoken billionaire businessmen’s quest to reach the White House, according to an international news agency. Reports on Saturday were conflicting over whether the departure of Stone was a resignation or […]