President Obama Focusing on Races for Senate While Campaigning

On Sunday, President Barack Obama campaigned in Nevada a battleground state for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton who wants to be his successor. However, Obama spent the majority of his time discussing the Senate race in the state. Democrats want to gain control again of the U.S. Senate on election day November 8. They are sending […]

Not So Happy at the Al Smith Dinner

On Thursday, the top two candidates in the presidential race appeared at the charity dinner of Al Smith located in New York City. Smith, who was the former governor of New York and a presidential nominee in 1928 for the Democrats, was at one time called the happy warrior of the political battlefield by late […]

Final Presidential Debate Tonight Might be the Last Stand for Trump

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s ugly presidential campaign is nearing its end. Both candidates will take the stage on Wednesday for the final primetime debate. For Trump, this debate could be his last stand at attempting to turn around a race for the White House that appears as if it is slipping away from his […]

Survey: Americans Becoming Stressed From Election Season

There is a point where everyone, regardless of their party affiliation or the lack of, wants to run from this year’s election. That may not be entirely true, but if an online survey performed by the American Psychological Association is true, then it might be truer than not. The survey showed that 52% of adults […]

Some Important GOP Donors Want Ties to Trump Cut by RNC

Some of the biggest donors to the Republican Party on Thursday called on the Republican National Committee to cut its ties with Donald Trump the party’s presidential nominee following the highly controversial claims of sexual misconduct and the recent recording of Trump leaked during the week. A group of contributors to the party said that […]

Clinton Proposing the Closing of Loopholes in Real Estate

The wealth of Donald Trump has helped to define the presidential race of 2016 as well as shaping the tax debate within the campaign. Trump says he knows how to fix the nation’s tax code as well as close loopholes such as the one that have allowed him to go close to 20 years without […]

Presidential Debate Takes a Dark Turn

On Sunday night, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton faced off against Republican nominee Donald Trump in the second presidential debate. The tone of the evening was set immediately when Clinton and Trump did not shake hands at center stage to start the event. The debate take a dark turn early as Trump sent a volley […]

Former Lawmakers with GOP Say Trump Lacks Intelligence

An open letter by the former Republicans slams the GOP nominee as unqualified for the presidency. With fewer than five weeks left before Election Day, more Republicans that remain high profile are taking a stand publicly against the divisive nominee of their party. Thirty former Republican congressmen on Thursday released a letter denouncing Donald Trump. […]

Apple Earnings on Deck, Investors Watching Closely

Earnings season is approaching and many investors are watching for how the world’s largest company, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), performed. Apple is set to report its earnings in late October 2016 and some investors may want to engage in share trading in this mega cap name. Apple iPhone sales will be one number that investors […]

Bill Clinton Says Obamacare Is a Crazy Thing

Former President Bill Clinton this week criticized the signature policy reform of current President Barack Obama while campaigning for his wife Hillary, the Democratic Presidential nominee. Clinton ripped the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, for flooding the healthcare insurance market as well as causing premiums to increase for the middle class American, who […]

LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

LeBron James is considered by the majority of people to be the NBA’s most powerful player in history. The veteran with the Cleveland Cavaliers has been called the de facto general manager of the team, influences a number of decisions in the organization through frequent opinions he expresses and increased that leverage via short-term contracts […]

Report: Spending by Trump in Cuba Might Hurt Florida Chances

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday faced intense scrutiny from allegations he had knowingly violated the embargo by the U.S. against Cuba during the 1990s, which if true, could hurt him amongst the Cuban Americans in Florida an important state in the presidential race. Newsweek published a story that said a company owned by […]

Sniffles During Monday Debate Prompt Strange Howard Dean Tweet

The case of the sniffles that Donald Trump had during the debate with Hillary Clinton on Monday prompted quite a bizarre charge from Howard Dean the one time presidential candidate from the Democratic Party. He mused through a tweet on Twitter that the candidate from the GOP might by a coke user. While much of […]

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Even At Time of First Debate

On Monday, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off for their first presidential debate in a virtual deadlock in the 2016 race for the White House, showed a new poll by ABC News and the Washington Post. Clinton’s advantage of August has all been wiped out due to recent problems while the Republican nominee […]

Congressman Says Protesters in Charlotte Hate Whites Because of Their Success

For many years, as demonstrators around the country have poured out onto the streets, little doubt has been seen as their lead motivation: Outrage due to the killings of black Americans who were unarmed by law enforcement that is funded by taxpayers. However, Robert Pittenger a U.S. Representative from North Carolina does not agree. The […]

Report: George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush on Monday said he would be voting in November for Hillary Clinton according to a pair of sources who are close to the nation’s 41st President. If true, this is a huge rebuke of the nominee of his own party Donald Trump. The same sources said it was not […]

Mike Pence Calls Birtherism Over

Mike Pence the vice presidential candidate for the Republican Party declared that birtherism, the thought that President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S., is over. Pence said he believes Donald Trump the GOP presidential nominee put an end to the issue. He was referring to the brief statement Trump made last Friday that […]

Bernie Sanders Will Court Millennials in Ohio for Clinton

Senator Bernie Sanders is heading to Ohio Saturday to help Hillary Clinton the presidential nominee for the Democrats in an important battleground state where poll numbers for her have been flagging. Sanders, the independent from Vermont will be focusing on millennials. He was the clear favorite amongst the younger voter during his battle in the […]

President Obama Lashes Out at Donald Trump

President Barack Obama returned to the presidential campaign trail after seven weeks off by attacking Donald Trump with what might be the harshest language to date. Obama directed his words straight at Trump, a name he usually skates around with his policy speeches. He said the nominee for the Republicans was not fit to represent […]

Donald Trump Took Physical Will Release Numbers When Available

On Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that last week he took a physical exam. He said he would release results of the exam when they become available, as the health of both he and Hillary Clinton has been pushed to the forefront of the presidential campaign of 2016, following the pneumonia diagnosis recently […]

Co-Founder of Facebook Pledges $20 Million Against Trump

Dustin Moskovitz is not as famous as Mark Zuckerberg his fellow co-founder of Facebook. However, on Thursday he became more well known with his $20 million commitment to Hillary Clinton as well as other Democratic groups attempting to defeat Donald Trump and other members of the Republican Party in November’s elections. Moskovitz’s donation to the […]

Hispanic Group Supported by Koch Brothers Airing Ads for Marco Rubio

While much focus has been placed on the race for the White House, election races for the Senate and House are heating up as November nears. With only two months remaining before the national election, a conservative nonprofit group that is funded by David and Charles Koch associates will launch ads on television in English […]

Donald Trump has Problems Nationwide with Suburban Voters

Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee is facing problems in the suburbs of battleground states such as Pennsylvania, which could cost him those key states in the November election. Trump has been caught up in a tight vice that he himself has created between those who see him as offensive and those that find him […]

Trump’s Math Not Clear on Undocumented Immigrants

Federal data that is available to the public, says there are 2 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. and the current White House administration has allowed another 300,000 to return, says Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee in a speech on August 31. Many people have since fact checked the claims made from Trump’s […]

Donald Trump to Visit Mexico Prior to Immigration Speech

Donald Trump, the presidential nominee of the Republican Party will visit with Enrique Pena Nieto the President of Mexico Wednesday in a visit to Mexico that was hastily arranged prior to delivering an anticipated speech on tackling illegal immigration. True to the flair of Trump for being dramatic, the visit guarantees widespread coverage by the […]