Official from Reagan Administration Says Donald Trump is Not Ronald Reagan

A former speechwriter and spokesman for former President Ronald Reagan appeared on stage Thursday at the Democratic National Convention. He proceeded to rip apart Donald Trump and to denounce any and all comparisons between the billionaire from Manhattan and Reagan the conservative icon. It is an honor being here as well as a shock, said […]

Convention Attendees and Viewers Thrilled With Mrs. Obama, Sanders and Warren

Bernie Sanders, ending animosity of many months, embraced robustly Hillary Clinton his former bitter rival on Monday night as a champion of economic causes that enlivened his own supporters, which signaled the time was now for them to rally behind Clinton in a battle against Donald Trump the Republican Party nominee. Sanders declared that any […]

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Says Russia Is Helping Donald Trump

The campaign manager for Hillary Clinton has alleged that hackers in Russia have been leaking emails from the Democratic National Committee that are critical of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders in their effort to help Republican Donald Trump win November’s election. This comes following the changes to the platform of the Republicans making it that much […]

Ben Carson Speech Compared Transgender with Ethnicities Change

Ben Carson a supporter of Donald Trump on Tuesday was near the Cleveland GOP National Convention. He compared a person who is transgender to someone who decided one morning that he or she has decided to be an Afghan after reading books or watching movies about Afghanistan. Carson, with applause from attendees, spoke at the […]

Floridians Behind Cleveland Controversial Billboard

Donald Trump the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee who will be attending this week’s Republican National Convention has created controversy since he entered the presidential race over a year ago. That controversy is continuing thanks to a group that is co-founded by Floridians that is behind a controversial billboard put up this past week in Cleveland […]

Trump Delays Announcement of Running Mate

In a move late Thursday night, Donald Trump the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee said he was cancelling plans his campaign made to announce his running mate due to the terrorist attack in Nice, France. This announcement came after a day of signals that seemed to indicate that the likely choice for his V.P. would be […]

Security Fears Increase Leading Up to Republican Convention

Concerns over the security at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland are ratcheting up leading up to the event scheduled for next week. They have become inflamed even further due to the recent incidents of racially motivated violence that have hit the country. With GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump expected to accept in a […]

Bernie Sanders to Campaign for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders was able to get the things he wanted in Orlando over the weekend – a platform stamped section after section with his progressive values. At the same time, Hillary Clinton also got what she was looking for – a pathway to entice supporters of Sanders to support her campaign a week prior to […]

Clinton Announces Dream Team for Her Campaign

A part of Hillary Clinton’s effort against Donald Trump, a group of high profile surrogates have been dispatched by the Clinton campaign. Vice President Joseph Biden will be the ambassador of the Rust Belt, while Elizabeth Warren will be the unifier of the party who will speak to liberals in swing states. President Barack Obama […]

Hillary Clinton to Speak About Failed Trump Ventures in Atlantic City

On Wednesday, Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will not be campaigning in any swing state. She instead will be safely in the Democratic friendly state of New Jersey. She will be there for just one reason – Donald Trump. During a campaign stop on Wednesday in Atlantic City, the former secretary of state is […]

Trump Puts Southwest U.S. at Risk Due to Comments Made

Once an important swing state for presidential elections, the state of Colorado is now close to becoming a strong state for Democrats. Donald Trump could have helped make the last push for it to become Democratic. Trump’s negative words relating to Mexicans, disparaging comments about weak campaign organization and women have punctuated the shift of […]

Donald Trump Finalists for VP Include Gingrich and Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich the former Speaker of the House are amongst the finalists to be the running mate of Donald Trump, said sources on Thursday. Christie a former rival of Trump has turned into his top defender. He received official paperwork for the process of vetting the possible running mates […]

Bernie Sanders Preparing to Fight at July’s Democratic National Convention

Senator Bernie Sanders on Tuesday said he has prepared for a fight on the floor at July’s Democratic National Convention to be held in Philadelphia, if the Democrats do not take stances that are more progressive on trade, climate change, minimum wage and other issues he supports. The senator from Vermont said there were a […]

Mitch McConnell Refuses to Answer Questions About Trump Qualifications

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader would not answers questions on Sunday about whether the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was qualified to be president. McConnell said he would leave that decision to the American people. The Republican from Kentucky was pressed during a television news show on Sunday about the poor […]

House Floor Scene of Sit-In over Gun Control

Republicans in the House looked to end a day filled with drama and a sit in of 16-hours by Democrats in the early morning hours of Thursday by adjourning for recess through July 5. The move was done in an attempt to shut down the protest that started early Wednesday when House Democrats took control […]

New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Ahead of Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee is ahead of the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump 47% to just over 42% in the most recent poll in the race for the White House released by a cable television operator. Only 22% of the registered voters polled said their minds might change before the November election. […]

Elizabeth Warren Makes Visits to Brooklyn Headquarters of Hillary Clinton

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is being looked at as a possible vice presidential choice for the Democrats, dropped by the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton on Friday in Brooklyn. Warren, who last week endorsed Clinton during an interview, spoke with aides, took some photos with workers and gave a few remarks. One comment she was […]

Larry Hogan Republican Governor of Maryland Will Not Vote Trump

Larry Hogan the Governor of Maryland and a Republican returned to Prince George’s County on Wednesday, the place he was raised and where he tasted politics for the first time while working on campaigns of his father. The Maryland governor officially went to the stronghold of the Democrats to announce the funding of many road […]

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to Have Meeting Prior to Final Primary

Hillary Clinton and her biggest challenger Bernie Sanders will end the Democratic primary calendar on Tuesday with a meeting that could set the tone for party unity as well as for the party’s convention next month in Philadelphia. Sanders and Clinton will meet in Washington, D.C. the site of the final primary for the presidential […]

Mitt Romney Supporters Divided Over Donald Trump

Mitt Romney has said that if Donald Trump were elected president it would normalize misogyny, bigotry and racism in the national conscience. Meg Whitman the CEO at Hewlett Packard compared the Republican presumptive presidential nominee to the late Adolf Hitler. Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House was asked how he would explain his endorsing […]

Saudis Complete Plan for Economic Diversification

Officials in Saudi Arabia have finalized their detailed plan for the kingdom’s economic diversity, in an attempt to move from oil dependence and have sent the plan to be approved by the cabinet said officials earlier this week. The NTP or National Transformation Program will carry out Vision 2030 a document of 84 pages released […]

Report: Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Presidential Nomination

Hillary Clinton has won enough delegates to win the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party according to a report released by the AP. Clinton has emerged from a long, bruising battle during primary season to become just the first women to lead one of the country’s two major parties in a race for the White […]

Bill Clinton Tells Voters That Republicans Loved His Wife

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was trying to explain the reason his wife is currently having trouble being liked, saying it is the MO of the Republicans to cast Hillary as the villain, though he reminded a Santa Monica, California audience that things were not always that way. Clinton said he has known Hillary 45 […]

Donald Trump Lashes Out at Hillary Clinton

On Wednesday, Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of sustained attacks on Hillary Clinton after the Democratic front-runner and likely nominee unloaded on the GOP presidential candidate over Trump University, his controversial school. Trump started by pre-empting a foreign policy speech of Clinton’s for Thursday that was aimed at Trump, by suggesting her speech was full […]

A Look At President Obama’s Last Memorial Day In Office

President Barack Obama marked his final Memorial Day as president with a series of events honoring the sacrifices of those in our military. On Sunday night, a free Memorial Day concert was held on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, headlined by The Beach Boys. On Monday morning, Obama hosted a breakfast for military […]