White House Proposes New Birth Control Coverage Rules

The new rules would require that religious colleges, nonprofits, hospitals and private companies that are closely held, such as Hobby Lobby to inform the administration that they do not agree on religious grounds of paying for coverage for contraception. The goal is to provide contraceptives for women who work for those companies. The Obama administration […]

Obama Admits to CIA Using Torture

President Barack Obama acknowledged that the Central Intelligence Agency tortured suspects that had been detained immediately after the terror attack of September. The White House administration is expected to release very soon a report from the Senate that details the techniques of torture employed by agents from the CIA targeting militants suspected of terrorist ties […]

Act on Climate Change Now or Pay More Later

The White House said Tuesday that putting off measures that are expensive to help curb climate changes would only cost the U.S. more over the long run. The comments came from a report that is meant to bolster actions that have been proposed by President Barack Obama to address the world’s global warming. Jason Furman, […]

White House Proposing Restrictions on Mine in Alaska

The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday issued a new proposal through the Clean Water Act that limits mining activity in the Bristol Bay watershed in Alaska, which struck a huge blow to the project that would eventually have one of the largest mines that is open pit in the world. The proposal is subject until […]

High Court Rules Against Obamacare

On Monday, the Supreme Court rule that companies that were closely held cannot be required to cover the payment of some types of employee contraceptives. The court ended the term with a narrow political and legal setback for a highly controversial part of the healthcare reform measure by President Obama. By a decision of 5-4, […]

Supreme Court and Free Speech in Social Networks

The Supreme Court of the U.S. will decide soon how far the free speech concept protects those who abuse or threaten on sites that are social media. The court has taken on the Anthony Elonis case. Four years ago, he ranted on Facebook about his at the time estranged wife. The man from Pennsylvania posted […]

New Hampshire Police Commissioner Unapologetic for Racist Comment

An elected official from a small town in New Hampshire was in a restaurant in April when he used the opportunity to give his verbal opinion of U.S. President Barack Obama. Robert Copeland, a police commission member in the town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire spoke out in a raised voice that he hated watching the […]

Secretary Hagel: Military Should Look at Ban on Transgender

Chuck Hagel the U.S. Secretary of Defense said on Sunday that the prohibition in the U.S. military for transgender individuals should be reviewed continually. No indication was given by Hagel to whether he believed the military’s policy should be changed. However, Hagel did say that every American who is qualified and wants to serve the […]

Advocacy Group: Change Policy on Cuba Mr. President

An advocacy group has called for the U.S. to change its decade’s long policy toward the Caribbean nation of Cuba. On Monday, it launched a campaign on television and had posters on the metro system in Washington, D.C. that showed President Obama and urged him to stop putting off the changes. The ads on the […]

More and More Americans Renouncing Citizenship

More and more citizens of the United States are deciding to renounce their citizenship. People are renouncing their citizenship while millions seeks the coveted prize of U.S. citizenship. In 2013, the U.S. government said that 2,999 people, which were a new record, had renounced their citizenship or terminated their residency in the U.S. The majority […]