Former Mayor of Washington D.C. Dies

Marion Barry, who was a longtime District of Columbia mayor and staged a remarkable comeback in politics following an FBI sting in 1990 that videotaped him while smoking crack, has died at age 78 on Sunday. The City Council of D.C. issued a formal statement that confirmed the death of Barry. Family of Barry said […]

Debt Issues Return as Sharpton Moves Up Political Ladder

The Reverend Al Sharpton has skyrocketed to national prominence from a community organizer to a consultant to President Obama, amidst a long yet lesser known background of tax obligations and debt that totals millions and millions of dollars. Sharpton and his businesses for-profit, owe over $4.5 million in federal and state tax liens, reported one […]

Senate Democrats and Obama Must Pass Keystone Says GOP

Brad Wenstrup a Republican from Ohio in the House of Representatives called upon Democrats in the Senate to pass legislation approving the pipeline Keystone XL and urged the President to then sign it into law, in the weekly radio address by the party on Saturday. The Republican in the House said President Obama and Democrats […]

Arkansas Governor Beebe Will Pardon Son

Mike Beebe the outgoing governor of Arkansas announced on Wednesday that he would pardon the felony conviction for marijuana against his son. He argued that he deserved a second change just like hundreds of nonviolent offenders. Beebe will leave office this coming January because of term limits. He will be succeeded by Asa Hutchinson the […]

Veteran Affairs Attempts to Move Ahead

The U.S. Veterans Affairs Administration has attempted to move forward putting one of its most serious scandals in history behind it. As the country greets Veterans Day, the federal agency announced its intended reorganization that well improve its customer service to hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans who are dependent upon VA hospitals and their […]

Republicans Take Majority in Senate Now Control Congress

Voters have handed control of the U.S. Congress to the Republicans for the first time since 2006. The GOP will now run Congress for the remaining time President Obama is in office. The Republicans swept to a strong victory in a number of contests across the nation, retaining every GOP-held seats that were up for […]

Republicans Ready to Gain on Obama Unpopularity

Republicans have become poised to gain seats to take control of the United States Senate in the midterm elections on Tuesday. The election outcome could be influenced heavily by the deep dissatisfaction of voters with the job performance of President Barack Obama. Concerns over the strength of the economy in the U.S., coupled with the […]

Mary Landrieu Defends Comment on Race

Republicans have seized on the comments made by Mary Landrieu a Senator from Louisiana that part of the unpopularity of President Barack Obama in her state is because of racial dislike. During an interview on Thursday, the incumbent Democrat was asked why the President’s job performance rating was so poor in Louisiana. After naming his […]

Obama to Campaign for Gubernatorial Candidate in Maine

President Obama will head to Maine to rally voters for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, his latest in a number of appearances campaigning as the midterm elections draw closer. These appearances come after the president has been sidelined due to a low approval rating and his unpopularity of late in some states. Obama will head Thursday […]

Vice President Biden Says Tea Party March Must Be Stopped

Campaigning in one of the contests for a key U.S. Senate seat, Vice President Joseph Biden said that keeping control of the Senate by the Democrats would break the hard right’s back and ease some of the Washington gridlock. Biden said that the choice next week between Bruce Braley the Democrat and Joni Ernst the […]