Senator Lee Calls Christie’s Comments Political Pornography

Senator Mike Lee a Republican from Utah said that Republican Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey should be completely ashamed of himself following his comments about the Patriot Act that Lee compared to being political pornography. During an interview with a leading television network, Lee was asked if he would respond to the statement Christie […]

Republicans Have Showdown over Spy Program

On Tuesday, Senator Mitch McConnell said he was allowing a vote on new legislation that would overhaul the surveillance programs in the U.S., which could give the senator more leverage in the fight over the future of the National Security Agency. The move means that this week the Senate will hold a vote on the […]

Lindsey Graham: Running for President Because World is Falling Apart

Senator Lindsey Graham said he would not make an announcement about his plays until June 1 for the 2016 presidential election, but there is little doubt about what those plans are to be. He said he was running because he thinks the world is falling apart. I have been right more often than wrong when […]

Clintons Earned $25 Million in Speeches since January 2014

Former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday reported they had earned over $25 million combined since January of 2014 for speaking fees. The presidential campaign for Rodham Clinton reported that income in a disclosure report for personal finances that is required to be filed with the Federal Election Commission. This report […]

O’Malley Sets Announcement Date for Presidential Intentions

Martin O’Malley will announce his intentions for the presidency on May 30 in the city of Baltimore. An aide for O’Malley said the former governor of Maryland would have a conference call with his supporters Thursday night to discuss plans he has for the upcoming presidential campaign. The aide was speaking on the condition of […]

Jeb Bush Says Poll Watchers Should Chill Out

Poll numbers that are not showing Jeb Bush holding a commanding lead amongst the Republican field for 2016 do not bother the former governor of Florida. The polls are irrelevant said Bush during a Fox News interview. He said he has yet to announce any candidacy so the polls really do not matter. Until the […]

Landslide Win as Tories Rout Labour

David Cameron the Prime Minister of Britain and his Tory Party recorded a decisive victory over the Labour Party, left the far-fight and far-left parties well behind and defied the polls prior to the election with a huge election triumph he said was the sweetest of all victories. Aided by the trouncing of the Scottish […]

Clinton Slams GOP Over Immigration Reform

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lowered the gauntlet for immigration reform during her first campaign appearance for 2016 on Tuesday in Nevada. She strongly backed the recent executive actions of President Obama, promising to push for a comprehensive reform bill that would include a pathway to U.S. citizenship for the undocumented immigrants. She argued that […]

Fiorina and Carson Announce Presidential Bids for 2016

The presidential field for the GOP grew by another two on Monday as Ben Carson the retired neurosurgeon and Carly Fiorina the former executive in technology both announced they had entered the presidential race. Fiorina a former CEO at Hewlett Packard confirmed that she would run as was widely expected. Her account on Twitter included […]

John Kasich Says Money Will Determine If He Runs for President

John Kasich the Governor of Ohio said this week that his presidential aspirations for 2016 depend on if he can raise sufficient money to compete with a number of rivals for the Republican presidential nomination. Kasich, who is 62, is thinking of running for the nomination, which could make him a potent force in the […]