State Politics

Kingston Topped by Perdue in Senate Runoff in Georgia

David Perdue a businessman has won a bitter runoff contest of nine weeks to become the Republican nominee for the Senate from Georgia besting U.S. Representative Jack Kingston. During a bruising campaign, 11-term congressman Kingston was painted by Perdue as an insider in Washington beholden to special interests in D.C., while Kingston hit back at […]

Perry Criticized for Comments on Alcoholism and Homosexuality

Gay rights organizations as well as Democrats on Thursday criticized Texas Governor Rick Perry after he compared homosexuality to alcoholism. The groups called it toxic and ill informed. Will Hailer the executive director of the Democratic Party in Texas said that Governor Perry ought to be ashamed of his comments. While speaking during a trip […]

Arrest of Blogger Stirs Up Republican Primary in Mississippi

A man was arrested for allegedly obtaining an image of a bedridden wife of a senator, which has shaken up what is already an intense primary battle by the Republicans in Mississippi. Clayton Kelly a political blogger was arrested on Thursday for the exploitation of an adult who is vulnerable and improperly and illegally obtaining […]

West Virginia Ready to Elect First Female Senator

The next member of the U.S. Senate from West Virginia will make history as the first woman to represent the state in Congresses upper chamber. Shelley Moore Capito the GOP Representative and Secretary of State Natalie Tennant a Democrat each were victorious in their respective party primaries on Tuesday. That has set up a very […]

Important GOP Primary Heating Up in North Carolina

This spring the powers of the Republican Establishment will be put to the test and that will be the backdrop for the Republican Senate primary on Tuesday in North Carolina. The primary starts a series of contests that will measure whether the traditionally powerful party members – the long time incumbents, the national party officials […]

David Jolly Defeats Alex Sink in Special Election

David Jolly a Republican narrowly won a special election in Florida, defeating Alex Sink a Democrat on Tuesday in a House race seen largely as a critical litmus test for ObamaCare. With close to 100% of Tuesday’s vote counted, Jolly won 48.5% of the vote to 46.7% for Sink. Lucas Overby a Libertarian had 4.8%. […]

House Races in New York Began to Heat Up

Swing districts and an empty seat loom big as Democrats and Republicans looked to gain seats in the House from New York in the midterm elections this November. With eight months to go prior to the November election, six or more of the 27 seats in the state show signs of being close races. Across […]

Governor Jan Brewer Vetoes Religious Beliefs Bill

Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona announced that she vetoed the controversial bill passed by the Arizona legislature that would allow religious beliefs to be a defense for denying certain services to gays and other special interest groups. Brewer spent a number of days taking into considering the bill, but said it could potentially create […]

Governors Arrive in Washington with Possible Presidential Candidates

Governors from all over the U.S. will meet Friday in Washington for winter meetings lasting four days for the National Governors Association. The meetings will last just four days but some attendees are hoping to return in 2016 to Washington four years or more. The latest meeting of the NGA will give the U.S. governors […]

Ray Nagin Found Guilty of Accepting Bribes

Ray Nagin the former Mayor of New Orleans entered the mayor’s office as a scourge of corruption and guided the city through its worst disaster of modern history. However, on Wednesday he left a courthouse as a convict, after a jury of his peers found him guilty of accepting bribes worth thousands of dollars as […]