U.S. Politics

Giuliani Defends Criticism of President Obama

Rudolph Giuliani the former Mayor of New York City adamantly defended his criticism on Thursday of President Barack Obama only a day after saying he does not think the president loves the United States. Giuliani made remarks on Wednesday during a private fundraiser for Scott Walker the Republican Governor of Wisconsin, who is considered by […]

President Obama Ready to Increase Pressure for DHS Funding

The White House administration is increasing the pressure on Republicans for the funding of the Department of Homeland Security, which could be shutdown if Congress does not act by February 27. Congress is stuck on this issue due to the House insisting the funding bill include a provision to overturn the executive actions of President […]

Jeb Bush Winning the Fundraising Competition in the GOP

The money juggernaut of Jeb Bush is eclipsing by far the efforts of possible rivals for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, putting the two political committees of his on pace to take in unprecedented sums of money in the tens of millions of dollar before spring ends. The former governor of Florida’s dominance in the […]

White House Asks Congress for Authorization to Fight ISIS

President Obama and his White House administration circulated its proposal on Tuesday to authorize the Pentagon to fight the terrorist group Islamic State without a role that includes enduring offensive combat, an ambiguous phrase that is designed to make lawmakers happy that have different views over the need to have ground operations by the U.S. […]

Bobby Jindal Slams Liberals Over Race Obsession

On Monday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal slammed liberals over being obsessed with race, saying it was silly to divide up people by race. Jindal said he believes the left has become obsessed with race. Jindal was at a breakfast that the Christian Science Monitor hosted when he made his comments. He also said the dumbest […]

White House: Obama to Ask Congress to Use Military Force against ISIS

It is expected that President Barack Obama will formally ask the U.S. Congress to authorize military force against the radical militant Islamic State terrorist group. This comes even though many lawmakers believe that crafting then passing such legislation would be difficult. The U.S. has carried out airstrikes on the group, most commonly referred to as […]

Democrats Filibuster Bill for Homeland Security

As was expected, Senate Democrats have blocked the funding bill for Homeland Security protesting the provisions written by the GOP that would gut a number of years of the White House administration’s directives regarding immigration. The big question is now what comes next. Top Senate Republicans indicated strongly that they would attempt to bring up […]

Obama Proposing Tax of 14% on Profits Overseas

On Monday, President Barack Obama will give Congress his spending plan of $4 trillion for the 2016 fiscal year that includes billions of dollars in a request for public funds that are much needed in projects, an idea that has some bipartisan support but not much backing for his proposed increase in taxes to fund […]

Romney Not Running Has Reset GOP Field for 2016

The announcement by Mitt Romney on Friday that he would not be running for president for a third time has reset the 2016 GOP field, with strategists saying Romney’s exit has positioned Jeb Bush as the establishment favorite and helped him to assemble campaign teams in key states with early voting. Meanwhile, the former governor […]

Keystone Votes Miss Mark in Senate

A key vote to move forward the legislation for Keystone XL oil pipeline fell short on a vote of 53-39 on Monday in the U.S. Senate. The vote was aimed at cutting the debate on legislation to approve the controversial pipeline project but was short of the required 60 votes after Senate Democrats, angry with […]