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House Floor Scene of Sit-In over Gun Control

Republicans in the House looked to end a day filled with drama and a sit in of 16-hours by Democrats in the early morning hours of Thursday by adjourning for recess through July 5. The move was done in an attempt to shut down the protest that started early Wednesday when House Democrats took control […]

New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Ahead of Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee is ahead of the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump 47% to just over 42% in the most recent poll in the race for the White House released by a cable television operator. Only 22% of the registered voters polled said their minds might change before the November election. […]

Elizabeth Warren Makes Visits to Brooklyn Headquarters of Hillary Clinton

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is being looked at as a possible vice presidential choice for the Democrats, dropped by the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton on Friday in Brooklyn. Warren, who last week endorsed Clinton during an interview, spoke with aides, took some photos with workers and gave a few remarks. One comment she was […]

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to Have Meeting Prior to Final Primary

Hillary Clinton and her biggest challenger Bernie Sanders will end the Democratic primary calendar on Tuesday with a meeting that could set the tone for party unity as well as for the party’s convention next month in Philadelphia. Sanders and Clinton will meet in Washington, D.C. the site of the final primary for the presidential […]

Mitt Romney Supporters Divided Over Donald Trump

Mitt Romney has said that if Donald Trump were elected president it would normalize misogyny, bigotry and racism in the national conscience. Meg Whitman the CEO at Hewlett Packard compared the Republican presumptive presidential nominee to the late Adolf Hitler. Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House was asked how he would explain his endorsing […]

Report: Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Presidential Nomination

Hillary Clinton has won enough delegates to win the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party according to a report released by the AP. Clinton has emerged from a long, bruising battle during primary season to become just the first women to lead one of the country’s two major parties in a race for the White […]

Bill Clinton Tells Voters That Republicans Loved His Wife

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was trying to explain the reason his wife is currently having trouble being liked, saying it is the MO of the Republicans to cast Hillary as the villain, though he reminded a Santa Monica, California audience that things were not always that way. Clinton said he has known Hillary 45 […]

Donald Trump Lashes Out at Hillary Clinton

On Wednesday, Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of sustained attacks on Hillary Clinton after the Democratic front-runner and likely nominee unloaded on the GOP presidential candidate over Trump University, his controversial school. Trump started by pre-empting a foreign policy speech of Clinton’s for Thursday that was aimed at Trump, by suggesting her speech was full […]

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Score Big Wins in Wisconsin

Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz recorded a decisive win over fellow presidential contender Donald Trump on Tuesday in Wisconsin, giving the senator renewed momentum during a very crucial time while putting more pressure on the GOP front runner to show he is able to absorb a loss and come back in upcoming primaries. Cruz dominated […]

Wisconsin Primary Key to Challengers

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has hit a difficult patch during the past two weeks prior to the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, where he now trails U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in polls across the state. A Cruz victory would demonstrate his appeal has grown and would be another indicator of damage to the candidacy of […]

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Promise to Have Hispanics in Cabinet

Hillary Clinton and fellow Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders have both promised to nominate Hispanics into key posts in their cabinet with their administration if they are elected, according to the nation’s biggest coalition for Hispanics. A survey of 20-questions was sent from the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda to all presidential candidates on February 25. […]

Cruz Eyes Renewed Hope Amidst Stumbles by Trump

The GOP presidential nomination campaign of Ted Cruz has seen renewed hope in the fight against front runner Donald Trump, as the real estate mogul experienced one of its worst weeks of the race in 2016 coinciding with the countdown to Wisconsin’s Tuesday primary. A large loss for Trump this coming Tuesday in Wisconsin could […]

Donald Trump Speaks Out Against Abortion, Criticism Follows

Donald Trump the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination said Wednesday that women who end their pregnancies should be punished if the U.S. places a ban of abortion. His comments triggered a flood of criticism from each side of the heated abortion debate, including from his rivals for the White House. The New York billionaire […]

Each of Three GOP Candidates Drop Promises to Support Nominee

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump the Republican front-runner for his party’s nomination said that he no longer would honor a pledge of supporting the eventual nominee of the GOP for President. At the same time, his fellow candidates for the nomination Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich would not commit to backing the pick […]

Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz

On Tuesday morning, Scott Walker the Wisconsin Governor announced on a radio talk show that he was proud to be endorsing Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Walker said that following a great deal of time and thought, as well as much prayer about his decision, he decided that following many years of failure with Obama-Clinton it […]

Donald Trump Has an Ongoing War Against Women

Last week during a period of just 48 hours, the conversation nationally went from the War on Terror to the War against Women due to another Trump tirade on Twitter one late night. During the time of the now infamous Trump tweet threatening competitor Ted Cruz with spilling the beans about Cruz’s wife as a […]

Ted Cruz Tells Donald Trump to Leave Heidi Alone

On Thursday, Ted Cruz lashed out at the personal attack of Donald Trump toward Heidi Cruz his wife calling his GOP opponents in the Republican presidential race a coward. I rarely get angry, but when you mess with Heidi or my kids that will make me angry every time, said Cruz in Wisconsin. Trump is […]

John Kasich Campaign To Continue Despite Delegate Deficiency

Despite repeated calls from prominent members of the Republican Party to drop out of the race for president, Ohio Governor John Kasich has reiterated his commitment to stay in the contest for the long haul. His advisers are claiming that the race’s final stretch of 20 states put Mr. Kasich in a far stronger position […]

Jeb Bush Announces His Endorsement of Ted Cruz

Former Republican candidate Jeb Bush announced that he was endorsing Ted Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination saying that U.S. Senator Cruz from Texas represents the best chance for the party to win the White House. In prepared statement, the former governor of Florida called Cruz a principled, consistent conservative who demonstrated his ability to […]

Clinton Calls Last Eight Years an Awful Legacy

During an appearance for his wife’s campaign, former President Bill Clinton called the past eight years an awful legacy. Clinton made the remark in Spokane at an event prior to the Washington state caucuses for the Democrats on Saturday. Clinton said that if you believe we have reached the point to put the awful legacy […]

Stop Trump Backers Are Revealed Through Filings with FEC

Outside groups have been and currently are spending millions of dollars in attempts to stop Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump from becoming the Party’s presidential nominee. He is a billionaire who took over the business of his father, expanded it very ambitiously and over many years, he has owned fine wines, jets, and exclusive […]

Protesters and Trump Supporters Clash at Utah Rally

Protesters clashed with Donald Trump supporters following a speech he gave in Utah Friday ending a day of presidential candidate appearances, which also saw Republican Mitt Romney intensify his criticism of his party’s frontrunner. Hundreds of people were chanting “Dump Trump” as police wearing riot gear were blocking the entrance to the building in Salt […]

John Kasich Receives Endorsement of Senator Who Endorsed Rubio

There were many things taking place across the country following the big Super Tuesday II primaries that caused Marco Rubio to end his bid for the White House. Ohio Governor John Kasich picked up an endorsement from Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma who previously had supported Rubio. Inhofe said through a prepared statement by the […]

Marco Rubio Campaign Suspended After Super Tuesday II

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida announced the suspension of his political campaign for the GOP nomination on Tuesday night following his convincing loss to front runner Donald Trump in the home state of Rubio. Rubio announced the suspension of his campaign to a group of disappointed supports in Miami ending the campaign he started with […]

Voters Across Five States Head to the Polls Tuesday

Super Tuesday II has arrived. Voters in five U.S. states will be casting their votes on Tuesday in what could decide whether Donald Trump the real estate mogul will all but wrap up the nomination for the Republicans with wins in Florida and Ohio or if Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich can live […]