Security Threat to President Obama Investigated

On Friday, police officials in Connecticut found a vehicle, which they said was linked to a possible threat aimed at President Barack Obama. A local newspaper said the vehicle had been found in Hamden by the United States Secret Service. A police official in Connecticut said law enforcement was working together with the Secret Service […]

Elected Officials in San Diego Defy Mayor

On Monday, the City Council of San Diego overrode a veto of the mayor on a measure to gradually increase the city’s minimum wage to reach $11.50 by the start of 2017. San Diego is the second largest California city and has enacted the measure that is aimed, for the most part, at helping the […]

Border Deployment Started by Texas National Guard

The first group of troops from the Texas National Guard has arrived at the U.S./Mexico border and is taking up its respective positions said local law enforcement in the area of Hidalgo County. The troops have taken up posts on observation and surveillance towers, which deputies put in place to monitor crowds as well as […]

Obama Picks Former Engineer with Google for Tech Overhaul

The Obama administration hired a new team of tech experts to overhaul websites and infrastructure owned by the U.S. government to avoid another future disaster like the one with the rollout of the site. The government announced it had created a team called the U.S. Digital Service. The team will be run by Mikey […]

Obama Admits to CIA Using Torture

President Barack Obama acknowledged that the Central Intelligence Agency tortured suspects that had been detained immediately after the terror attack of September. The White House administration is expected to release very soon a report from the Senate that details the techniques of torture employed by agents from the CIA targeting militants suspected of terrorist ties […]

Climate Change Measures Announced by White House

The White House administration announced a number of initiatives involving climate change on Wednesday that were aimed at saving electricity supply; making flood planning at the local level better, as well as storm surges and coastal erosion; and better prediction of risks of landslides as the levels of the seas increase and droughts and storms […]

Obama Says Suit by Boehner is Political Stunt

President Barack Obama has dismissed a proposed lawsuit by John Boehner the Speaker of the House targeting the delay of the healthcare law employer mandate as just a political stunt. Obama called the lawsuit a political stunt that would only waste months of time for Americans and taxpayer’s dollars. Obama blasted Republicans from the House […]

Obama Touting Tourism Wants Foreign Visitors Streamlined

As summer approaches, President Barack Obama is making a trip to Cooperstown, New York to see the Baseball Hall of Fame and its accompanying museum, promoting tourism in the U.S. Obama will welcome CEOs from travel and tourism at the White House Thursday morning before heading to New York. He will also use the time […]

Authorities Charge Man for Threatening Boehner

Federal prosecutors charged a man from Indiana with threatening to kill John Boehner the Speaker of the House, who is next in line for the presidency following Joe Biden the Vice President. Agents with the FBI arrested 32-year old Brandon Thompson on Thursday. Thompson made his first appearance on Friday in front of a U.S. […]

Affluence is Equal to Influence in the U.S.

A recently completed study shows that policy is made to cater to the wants of the wealthy in the U.S. The study says that democracy in the U.S. is just an illusion. People are not governing since politicians only respond to the wants of the wealthiest citizens and special interest groups. Two political scientists have […]