Climate Change Measures Announced by White House

The White House administration announced a number of initiatives involving climate change on Wednesday that were aimed at saving electricity supply; making flood planning at the local level better, as well as storm surges and coastal erosion; and better prediction of risks of landslides as the levels of the seas increase and droughts and storms […]

Obama Says Suit by Boehner is Political Stunt

President Barack Obama has dismissed a proposed lawsuit by John Boehner the Speaker of the House targeting the delay of the healthcare law employer mandate as just a political stunt. Obama called the lawsuit a political stunt that would only waste months of time for Americans and taxpayer’s dollars. Obama blasted Republicans from the House […]

Obama Touting Tourism Wants Foreign Visitors Streamlined

As summer approaches, President Barack Obama is making a trip to Cooperstown, New York to see the Baseball Hall of Fame and its accompanying museum, promoting tourism in the U.S. Obama will welcome CEOs from travel and tourism at the White House Thursday morning before heading to New York. He will also use the time […]

Authorities Charge Man for Threatening Boehner

Federal prosecutors charged a man from Indiana with threatening to kill John Boehner the Speaker of the House, who is next in line for the presidency following Joe Biden the Vice President. Agents with the FBI arrested 32-year old Brandon Thompson on Thursday. Thompson made his first appearance on Friday in front of a U.S. […]

Affluence is Equal to Influence in the U.S.

A recently completed study shows that policy is made to cater to the wants of the wealthy in the U.S. The study says that democracy in the U.S. is just an illusion. People are not governing since politicians only respond to the wants of the wealthiest citizens and special interest groups. Two political scientists have […]

Private Policy for Online Being Updated by White House

A new White House private policy was released on Friday that explains how the federal government will gather the data of users of its online site, social media sites and mobile apps. It also clarifies that comments online, whether tributes or tirades are part of the open domain. The new private policy says that […]

President Corrects Sentence of Drug Convict

President Barack Obama commuted the sentence of a man convicted in a drug related case who was mistakenly sentenced to an additional 3 ½ years of prison due to typographical error, said White House officials. Caesar Huerta Cantu who is from Katy, Texas had pleaded guilty 8 years ago in Virginia. He had been charged […]

Group that Supports Hillary Clinton Raises $6 Million

An organization founded to help prod former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into seeking the White House announced on Thursday it had raised over $1.7 million during the first three months of 2014. Ready for Hillary, a super PAC is one of several groups laying out the groundwork for the potential campaign for Clinton. The […]

First Lady Supports Americans Studying Abroad

Michelle Obama the First Lady said on Saturday that studying abroad helped to build bridges of understanding. The comments from the First Lady came during a visit she made to a university in Beijing. Obama said that studying abroad is about much, more than just approving the future of the student. It is about helping […]

Mitt Romney Blames President Obama and Hillary Clinton for Ukraine Situation

Mitt Romney has blamed President Barack Obama as well as Hillary Clinton the former Secretary of State for the current problems in Ukraine. Romney also blames the two for other debacles in foreign policy citing failure in leadership on their part. The former presidential nominee from the Republican Party wrote in a Wall Street Journal […]