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Clinton Leads Polls For Presidential Hopefuls

Hillary Clintons holds a lead of double digits over potential challengers for the Republican Party Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush as the likely presidential candidate from the Democratic Party moves closer to formally entering the race shows a new poll. Although Romney, Bush and Clinton are longtime politicians and part of political dynasties, voters are […]

Hillary Clinton On Torture Use

Hillary Clinton has spoken out against using torture during a speech on Tuesday in New York. She strongly condemned the tactics for just the first time since the recently report on the interrogation methods used by the CIA from over a decade ago that the Senate Intelligence Committee released. Clinton said that today we could […]

Poll: Christie Would Be Routed by Clinton in His Own State

Voters in New Jersey said that the country was not ready to have one of its own as commander-in-chief and likely would choose Hillary Clinton over Chris Christie their own governor, by an 11 point margin, says a new poll released on Thursday. By a slight majority, the survey said that Christie would not be […]

Democrats Want Signal from Clinton

Over the last couple of months, Hillary Clinton has finished a book tour, distanced herself from President Obama and is off to Iowa next month, which is the traditional host of the first presidential nomination contest. What do Democrats say is so significant about her activity is that she talks and walks like a candidate […]

Bill Clinton Says Wife Needs More Time

Bill Clinton the former President of the United States says that his wife Hillary, who is a prohibitive favorite for the nomination for president in the Democratic Party in 2016, needs more time to decide if she is willing to run, but also needs to see what she would bring to the presidential race if […]

Student Leaders at UNLV Ask Clinton to Donate Speaker Fee

Student leaders at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on Friday made a request through a letter addressed to family foundation of Hillary Clinton that she do the right thing and donate some or all of her speaking fee of $225,000 for speaking to the UNLV Foundation, back to UNLV for the benefit of the […]

Group that Supports Hillary Clinton Raises $6 Million

An organization founded to help prod former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into seeking the White House announced on Thursday it had raised over $1.7 million during the first three months of 2014. Ready for Hillary, a super PAC is one of several groups laying out the groundwork for the potential campaign for Clinton. The […]

Former President Clinton’s Sex Scandals Back in Politics

The sexual indiscretions by former President Clinton have resurfaced once again as a topic of discussion and one that will likely be revisited on more than one occasion over the next couple of years. The dormant conversation that is over two-decades old was reignited over the past month and could become a common thing if […]

Poll: Clinton Leading 2016 Race

Hillary Rodham Clinton is holding a lead of 6 to 1 over others in the Democratic Party heading towards the 2016 campaign for the presidency. The field in the GOP is divided without any clear-cut frontrunner. This is according to a new poll released by ABC and the Washington Post. Clinton clearly defeated her potential […]

Super PAC Raised $4 Million for Hillary

A Super PAC that backs a possible presidential run by Hillary Clinton known as Ready for Hillary announced on Tuesday that it raised over $4 million during 2013 from over 33,000 donors. The group, which is grassroots focused, say activity increased during late 2013, with over 25,000 new contributors helping in the last six months […]