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Obama to Campaign for Gubernatorial Candidate in Maine

President Obama will head to Maine to rally voters for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, his latest in a number of appearances campaigning as the midterm elections draw closer. These appearances come after the president has been sidelined due to a low approval rating and his unpopularity of late in some states. Obama will head Thursday […]

Mitt Romney Blames President Obama and Hillary Clinton for Ukraine Situation

Mitt Romney has blamed President Barack Obama as well as Hillary Clinton the former Secretary of State for the current problems in Ukraine. Romney also blames the two for other debacles in foreign policy citing failure in leadership on their part. The former presidential nominee from the Republican Party wrote in a Wall Street Journal […]

Obama and O’Reilly Square Off On Issues

On Sunday, an interview was aired prior to Super Bowl XLVIII on Fox News. Bill O’Reilly, a news show host on Fox News faced off with President Barrack Obama over the IRS scrutiny of conservative organizations, the problematic healthcare law rollout and the role played by the White House in the aftermath of the Libya […]