Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz expressed no regrets regarding his role in the October government shutdown during an interview on national television. He in turn placed the blame for the shutdown of 16 days on the shoulders of President Obama, Senate Leader Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders.

Texas’s freshmen senator said he thought it was a mistake on President Obama and Harry Reid’s part to force the government into a shutdown, when he responded to a question about pushing his strategy of linking the government funding with that of Obamacare.

When his interviewer reminded him that even fellow Republican John Boehner, the House Speaker, took to task conservative groups that pushed the strategy, Cruz replied he could not help what others say.

Cruz found an audience that was receptive for his strategy over the shutdown amongst conservatives in the House, with whom he strategized secretly during the 16-day shutdown at Tortilla Coast a Mexican restaurant on Capitol Hill.

Cruz said he and his fellow conservative members of Congress are continuing to meet and listen to what the American people want, listening to the millions that say things are not going correctly.

Cruz upset both Republicans and Democrats and even was called a wacko bird by fellow Republican Senator John McCain during his first year in office, but insisted his focus was not about being liked on Capitol Hill.

Cruz said he wanted to serve 26 million people in Texas. He said he thought it was a strange thing that he was one of the runners up for the Person of the Year award by Time Magazine, which was given to Pope Francis. He also was asked to comment about a coloring book featuring him as another sign his profile is rising.

He answered the coloring book question by saying if there was a sign that the world was indeed crazy, than this is it. The book currently is the highest selling coloring book that is being sold on Amazon.com.

The Texas Senator said that contrary to what was asserted in the book that millions think Obamacare is worse than any previous war, the president’s legislation in his view is not as bad as war.