Robert McDonnell the former Governor of Virginia reacted to charges Tuesday night that he and his wife improperly accepted gifts that were given by businessman in Virginia, saying the allegations were false.

McDonnell said he did not do anything illegal for the former CEO of a nutritional supplement business, Jonnie Williams Sr. McDonnell gave his reaction to the charges while in Richmond, Virginia at the offices of his attorney. He was with Maureen his wife, daughter and son-in-law.

He told reporters that the case brought against him is one of overreach by the federal government that is based upon a flawed legal argument.

McDonnell said the entire case by the government rest on a legal theory that is misguided that says facilitating a meeting or introduction, expressing support of appearing in a reception for a business in Virginia is a federal crime if a political donor or some who gave a gift is involved.

McDonnell added that the Supreme Court in the U.S. rejected the radical idea and for a good reason since if it was applied as law then almost every official elected to office, from the President on down would need to be charged with providing tangible benefits to his or her donors.

The former governor said he provided William Sr. the same access and courtesies to the state government that he and every prior governor prior to him had done for thousands of people, businesses, charities as well as other organizations whether they had been donors or not.

The legal team for McDonnell responded rapidly to the charges that had been expected, insisting that federal prosecutors had used novel theories and stretched facts in an attempt to make a case.

The lawyers demanded federal prosecutors turn the tape recording over of the instructions they gave when asking for an indictment against McDonnell and his wife.

McDonnell’s attorneys said the former governor was innocent. They called the indictment flawed and said it had been built largely on testimony that was purchased through promises made under the table to one key witness who otherwise would be facing massive financial penalties and criminal liability.