Former President Clinton’s Sex Scandals Back in Politics

The sexual indiscretions by former President Clinton have resurfaced once again as a topic of discussion and one that will likely be revisited on more than one occasion over the next couple of years.

The dormant conversation that is over two-decades old was reignited over the past month and could become a common thing if possible candidate Hillary Clinton decides to run for President in 2016.

Nothing created the news like the comments made by one of Clinton’s possible rivals in 2016. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul a Republican said the cheating by the ex-president was an argument against Clinton returning to live in the White House as first spouse.

Paul said if Hillary were to enter the presidential campaign for 2016, then she should be considered fair game.

Paul said its seem like President Clinton was given a pass on the issue even though he took advantage of an intern who was just 20 years of age.

During the same period, over 25,000 pages worth of documents will be released from the Presidential Library and likely will include confidential communications from the White House.

Even prior to her own elected office career, Hillary Clinton appears to have prided herself on how much political toughness she possesses.

One analysis of the current bashing of Clinton believes it to be more about now than in 2016. The analysis suggests the aim is to keep the former President on the sidelines during the congressional mid-term elections this year and not to damage the election campaign of Hillary.

One blog online says that Bill Clinton currently has over 60% support in all states that have Senate races this November. It suggests that Clinton’s status is being harmed with the female voter in those states

Regardless, Clinton seemed undeterred. A former aide to Clinton Paul Begala said getting Clinton to campaign is something you do not need to ask him twice to do.

This past week he was in Kentucky campaigning for a Democrat hoping to un-seat Mitch McConnell the Republican senator. Rand used the occasion to launch more attacks against Clinton.