Eying the 2016 election, the Muslim Brotherhood has put together the framework for a U.S. political party that has the goal of turning Muslims into a voting bloc that is Islamist.

Supporters said that Muslim voters could become swing voters during the 2016 election. The goal of the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations is to bring about more participation from the growing Muslim community.

The group also has the goal of electing Islamists to seats in Washington.

This recent development needs to be carefully monitored said some officials due to the U.S. Brotherhood recently having a goal exposed of waging civilization jihad against the United States.

The plan calls for the infiltration of the political system in the U.S. and then destroying in from within.

The plan was described in hundreds of found archives pages that were confiscated by the FBI from the home of a Brotherhood leader in the suburbs of Washington following 9/11.

The papers translated from Arabic listed many front organizations for the Brotherhood, of which some form part of the USCMO.

One such is the Council on American Islamic Relations or CAIR, which is based in Washington.

CAIR has been linked in documents in federal criminal court to Hamas, the terrorist group that is the Palestinian branch of the Brotherhood.

Another founding member the Muslim American Society or MAS was established as an overt arm of the Brotherhood in the U.S. a court filing from the Justice Department on 2007 states.

A press release from MAS in 2011 praised the late Osama bin Laden as a visionary who wanted an Islamic state within Afghanistan.

The chairman of the new Islamist party in the U.S. is Oussama Jammal, who at one time headed Chicago’s Bridgeview Mosque.

One leader in that mosque was arrested and put in jail for funneling millions of U.S. dollars to Hamas.

A man describing the mosque said its walls were covered with posters of Hamas and those depicting daggers stuck into the hearts of Jewish people who were wrapped inside American flags. The man even said their library had terrorist videos.