In one of their first auditions involving presidential themes, the two top Texan titans in politics performed as the lead acts on Saturday of the Republican Leadership Conference.

Ted Cruz the Republican Senator and Rick Perry the Governor played to more than 1,500 conservatives blasting Washington and outlining their plans on how to make it different.

However, this time Cruz the younger of the two upstaged the veteran of Texas politics winning the conference straw poll for the president and radiating the promise and excitement that three years prior Perry had sparked.

One attendee said he believed with his heart that Senator Cruz was a reincarnation of Ronald Reagan and is needed to right the nation’s course.

The two performances in front of the activists from the GOP come during a time when the Texas Senator has risen to hero status amongst conservatives, while Perry has been successful in repairing some damage done by his not very good performance in the last presidential primaries.

Both of the Texans displayed their strengths to the conservative, stopping in the state of Louisiana as part of a national tour.

Perry had just come from Iowa his third time this year to the state that has the first presidential contest. Over the last three weeks, Perry has been in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida and in Austin, Texas last week to meet with 13 leaders who are conservative from the state of New Hampshire.

Cruz has just returned from time in the Ukraine, Poland and Israel, where he had met with different foreign leaders and spoke about issues related to national security.

Shortly after Cruz spoke and prior to Perry speaking, Cruz left for New York to make an appearance on a Sunday morning news show on ABC.

At the conference in 2011, two months prior to announcing his presidential candidacy, Perry gave the attendees a fiery speech that often was interrupted by people chanting, “Run Rick.”

On Saturday, Perry was with a group of White House also-rans: Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. His speech was about solving the problems of the nation with his big ideas.