In her book that will be released on Tuesday June 10, Hillary Clinton wrote that the White House administration demanded that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl be released in each discussion ever held with leaders of the Taliban about prisoners.

The former U.S. Secretary of State said that she recommended that President Obama end the U.S. embargo against Cuba, which would force the Castro brothers into a democratic change.

It was reported that Clinton said no agreement would be made about the release of Taliban prisoners without the release of Bergdahl.

The swap of five Taliban prisoners for Bergdahl has drawn much criticism on Capitol Hill from lawmakers who are claiming they were not properly notified prior to the release.

In excerpts of the book, Clinton writes that lawmakers in Congress opposing returning to full ties with the Caribbean nation of Cuba only wanted to maintain Cuba under a deep freeze that is not reasonable or sustainable.

Clinton writes that she believed that engagement of people-to-people was the only way to push for reform in Cuba.

Obama has not said anything about ending the 5-decade long embargo. Problems in doing that arose when Alan Gross an American working as a contractor for the U.S. government was arrested and detained for espionage. He has been held for almost five years.

In other parts of her book, Clinton writes that perfect clarity over what took place regarding the Benghazi terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission will never be obtained.

Clinton wrote that over a period of time Syria evolved into a huge problem with complex challenges. She did not agree with not arming the rebels in Syria, but did feel her views were listened to fairly.

She said she should not have voted in favor of the 2002 Iraq resolution while a New York Senator.

She called Vladimir Putin the Russian President autocratic, thin-skinned and resentful of criticism.

She said one of proudest moments during her time serving as Secretary of State was the night the Navy SEALs raided the compound where Osama bin Laden lived and the terrorist was killed.