On Monday, Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana said he was still thinking as well as praying about a possible run for the presidency in 2016, while urging the Republicans to lay out a positive platform and back strong defense spending prior to the election in 2016.

The Governor said he did not have a specific date that he would make his decision, saying while at an appearance that it would be made after the midterm election on November 4 and sometime after the holidays.

However, with some possible competitors deferring for as long as spring of next year, Jindal could the first Republican officially campaigning.

On Monday, much of Jindal’s energy was spent on chastising President Obama over foreign policy, but he also looked frustrated with the reputation of the GOP as just an opposition party.

He said Americans are hungry to have a change. There is a great deal of frustration, as they are frustrated with our president, but have not heard from a Republican with a comprehensive alternative.

All that has been heard thus far is opposition to many of Obama’s policies and what the population is hungry for is a strong positive agenda out of the Republicans.

Judging from his appearance in D.C., Jindal was already testing if people want him to run for the White House.

He appeared with Jim Talent the former Senator to argue for more defense spending, which is not so common for a Governor whose term ends in 2015.

After questions and remarks for about an hour, Jindal spoke on topics from gay marriage to Ebola.

Jindal traveled recently to both New Hampshire and Iowa along with D.C. Those are visits that seem to be giving more evidence he is getting very prepared for a run in 2016.

Talent called Jindal an insightful and incisive leader. He said when it dealt with defense that Jindal understand the issue quickly, even though as a governor he does not deal with issued related to armed services often.

A survey that was released last week by a group that is left leaning said that the majority of people in Louisiana do not want their governor running for president.