Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was in New Hampshire on Thursday night to help rally Democrats for the upcoming midterm elections. Many of those attending a function with Clinton were interested in the future of his wife as their possible Presidential candidate.

Clinton was the keynote speaker for the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in New Hampshire. He acknowledged the unsettled thoughts many voters were experiencing at the moment amidst the economic uncertainty and the turmoil globally but insisted it is not like 2010 or even 1994, a reference to two wave years for the Republicans.

The former president spoke for over 40 minutes about the economy, the Obamacare impact in New Hampshire and how crises within the U.S. pale in comparison to what the rest of the world is going through.

He spoke about Charlotte his new granddaughter but did not mention anything about the possibility of his wife Hillary running for president.

When asked afterwards all he said was he did not know what Hillary would do.

Clinton was delighted and animated to return to New Hampshire a state that helped him to reach national prominence.

Hillary at the same time was many miles away in the state of Michigan appearing at a Democratic rally and trashing without mentioning any names Mitt Romney the former presidential candidate for the GOP.

However, it was New Hampshire where Hillary took her first primary victory in 2008.

The former president made reference to his wife as well as his family mentioning how it will be much better going forward.

He said he was pleased and comfortable campaigning and taking orders from women because it was like being home.

He said once his daughter Chelsea was married he finally arrived at gender parity having his son-in-law with him. However, that ended a few weeks ago after his granddaughter was born.

He enjoyed the warm reception he was given from the state comparing himself to an old race horse that is taken out occasionally to the track to see if there is one race left in him.