President Obama will head to Maine to rally voters for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, his latest in a number of appearances campaigning as the midterm elections draw closer.

These appearances come after the president has been sidelined due to a low approval rating and his unpopularity of late in some states.

Obama will head Thursday to a rally in Portland, Maine for six-term congressman Mike Michaud, who is attempting to unseat Paul LePage the Republican governor in a race that has been called a tossup since it is so close.

Eliot Cutler, an independent candidate, is sitting in third, but trails by a large margin.

Democrats are hoping that a visit late in the campaign by Obama just five days prior to the election will encourage all Democrats to get out and vote to push Michaud to victory.

Michaud was given a pre-Obama boost on Wednesday when he earned the endorsement of independent U.S. Senator Angus King from Maine.

Obama is the most recent top Democrat to help Michaud with his campaign, following appearances earlier by First Lady Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton a former first lady and the former Secretary of State.

Obama has largely avoided appearances in public with any Democratic candidates. A number of them did not want to appear in public with the president due to his standing being so poor in the polls.

President Obama is also not popular in a group of states where there are tightly contested Senate races taking place that will determine which party will have control of the upper chamber in Congress for the last two years Obama will be in office.

Democrats currently hold the majority, but could loss control if Republicans gain a net of six seats.

Obama has instead raised money for the candidates in his party. Prior to the rally in Maine, Obama was at a Democratic National Committee event to raise funds in a private home.

Obama’s Maine appearance with candidate Michaud follows the exhortation earlier in the week by Obama to get out and do your civic duty by voting.

Obama will visit Rhode Island following the rally in Maine, where the President will stay the night.