Republicans have seized on the comments made by Mary Landrieu a Senator from Louisiana that part of the unpopularity of President Barack Obama in her state is because of racial dislike.

During an interview on Thursday, the incumbent Democrat was asked why the President’s job performance rating was so poor in Louisiana.

After naming his policy on energy and the handling of the oil spill in Deepwater Horizon, Landrieu brought up the historical issue of the South with race.

She said that the south has not been the friendliest region for African Americans. Landrieu added that it has been difficult for Obama to present himself in a positive light as the leader of the country.

The Louisiana senator also said the state was tough for women. She said it has not always been easy for women due to it being more conservative.

Bobby Jindal the Governor of Louisiana who is a Republican, called the statement an insult to Louisiana. He called her comments divisive and said she appears to live in another century.

Republican Bill Cassidy the representative who is in a tight race with incumbent Landrieu criticized her comments saying the Louisiana people care about the country. They are bombarded with regulations and do not understand Obamacare and cannot imagine the reasons he will not approve the pipeline Keystone XL.

Cassidy said as well that Landrieu’s won success politically in Louisiana is evidence the state is not hostile politically towards women.

Both Rob Maness a Republican candidate and the Republican Party in Louisiana called on Landrieu to make an apology for her comments.

Maness said the senator owes the Louisiana people an apology for saying they are nothing more than sexists and racists.

The GOP in Louisiana said her comment showed Landrieu lost touch with constituents. He says the voters do not like Obama because he has an agenda that is big-government.

Roger Villere the chairman of the GOP in Louisiana called Landrieu’s comments insulting to him and was as all Louisianans.

Landrieu defended her comments and said people only wanted to twist her statements.