On Thursday night, President Obama announced Executive Action regarding immigration. Some of his measures start immediately, while others will take more time.

The reforms that have deferred action will not be implemented fully for as long as six months, at which time applications will be accepted.

At the same time, the President waits as well as hopes congress will take action that will be even more lasting and comprehensive.

Obama’s action is relief for close to 4 million people from deportation and that takes place immediately.

While the people cannot file an application for another six months, those qualifying for the deferred action via a son or daughter that is a citizen of the U.S. feel immediate relief.

The Border Protection and U.S. Immigration enforcement have been instructed to immediately start identifying persons that are in their custody that meet that criteria and consider the new criteria for all they encounter in the future.

That means parents of a U.S. citizens can go about their lives without the fear of being deported.

On Friday, the President starts traveling to sell the plan to Americans and put the pressure on Republicans to get a measure passed in Congress.

Starting this weekend, signups will be organized by advocate groups to start holding information sessions in order to help those that are impacted by the action to understand what is needed to gain deferred action, along with who exactly is qualified.

In the next few weeks, a better picture will be seen of the new resources and staffing for the U.S. border with Mexico and when that will be put into effect.

A new task force is to be set up with members from customs and border protection, the coast guard, and U.S. Immigration and citizenship services.

Within three months, the Department of Homeland Security said there would be a realigning of personnel and an increase of resource at the border.

The first priority of deportation is those that are national security threats, followed the people that have three misdemeanors or more and lastly those issued a final removal order on January 1, 2014 or after.