Hillary Clintons holds a lead of double digits over potential challengers for the Republican Party Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush as the likely presidential candidate from the Democratic Party moves closer to formally entering the race shows a new poll.

Although Romney, Bush and Clinton are longtime politicians and part of political dynasties, voters are not as likely to count that against Clinton.

That is positive for Clinton, a failed presidential candidate in 2008 and the focus of criticism from Republicans that her time has passed.

Clinton’s potential of making history as the first female elected president in the U.S. makes little difference to voters and is a positive for others in the race.

The former U.S. first lady, Senator from the state of New York and the secretary of state, has said that she is still considering another run for the presidency.

She joked about all the anticipation with regard to her decision during remarks on Wednesday in Canada but did not give hints regarding what her thoughts are or of the timing of a possible announcement.

Strategists from the Democratic Party said Clinton would likely enter in late March or early April, which is 10 months prior to the first primary in Iowa.

Clinton approaches the presidential season with a dominant position leading Jeb Bush 54% to 41% amongst voters who are registered. She leads Romney by a margin of 55% to 40%.

Beyond Romney and Bush, both former state governors and the two Republicans with the firmest moves to date toward a bid in the 2016 election, Clinton has equally big leads over other hopefuls from the Republican Party, including Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee.

Among all aged voters over 6 of 10 said Bill Clinton being an ex-president had no bearing on if they would support Hillary’s candidacy.

Amongst those who said her spouse’s presidency would have an effect on their vote, 23% said it would it make them support her and 14% said it was be less likely.