Bobby Jindal Slams Liberals Over Race Obsession

On Monday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal slammed liberals over being obsessed with race, saying it was silly to divide up people by race.

Jindal said he believes the left has become obsessed with race. Jindal was at a breakfast that the Christian Science Monitor hosted when he made his comments. He also said the dumbest thing to do is divide people because of skin color.

His remarks came following a faux-controversy that erupted when a blogger in Louisiana who is liberal tweeted a photo of a painting of Jindal where the governor who is Indian-American appears as if he is white.

The portrait, which currently is on display at the state capitol of Louisiana, is not the official portrait of Jindal. It reportedly was commissioned by a supporter of Jindal.

When asked about his opinion over the painting he spoke using a bit of humor. He replied, “You mean I am not white?” He called the entire thing silly.

Jindal gave the blogger who had asked the question, permission to put a disclaimer note saying he was not white on all stories and pictures about him.

Jindal faced criticism recently for some statements he has made and doubled down on radical Islam, immigrants who are Muslim and what are called no-go zone of Europe. He has been accused of being Islamophobic or racist.

He called the separation of color nonsense, saying everyone is American and one of the best things is about our country is it has been a melting pot and should not matter if you came only 5 minutes ago or if it were 100 years ago.

It has been rumored that Jindal could enter the Republican primary race for the presidential nomination. He considered it in 2012, but there have been signs the Louisiana Governor would run this time.