Jeb Bush Winning the Fundraising Competition in the GOP

The money juggernaut of Jeb Bush is eclipsing by far the efforts of possible rivals for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, putting the two political committees of his on pace to take in unprecedented sums of money in the tens of millions of dollar before spring ends.

The former governor of Florida’s dominance in the race to attract financial backers comes at a velocity that has impressed money players in the Republican party that have been around for years.

They have said wealthy backers in the party have migrated rapidly to Bush since Mitt Romney the 2012 nominee decided not to make another run for the White House a few weeks ago.

At one fundraiser in Manhattan for Bush, in the home on Park Avenue of Henry Kravis a titan of private equity, about 25 attendees dished out $100,000 apiece just to enter the door. That was one of six events for the political action committees of Bush including one in Palm Beach next weekend with the same price tag.

One veteran fundraiser in the GOP said he believes the money that will be raised will be astonishing. Bush’s press for money has been rather intense as it is averaging a fundraiser per day and his rivals do not claim they are able to compete for the same money he receives and acknowledge he is unrivaled when it comes to finances.

The gravitation towards Bush has been driven partly by a wide network of different donors who were supporters of his brother and father, as well as a sense amongst the establishment that his moderate stance on immigration and policy acumen will make him the best contender in the 2016 general election.

Despite the robust lead Bush has, fundraisers and party strategists agree there is still a great deal of room for rivals to maneuver, as Super PACs are able to raise unlimited donations and have been embraced by the candidates, allowing them to take in massive amounts of contributions prior to their campaign officially launching.

There are now mounting signs that the financial momentum of Bush is coming at the expense of other candidates.