State Department: John Kerry Words Twisted by Netanyahu

The U.S. State Department has accused Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel of taking testimony in front of Congress by John Kerry the Secretary of State, out of context in his address on Tuesday to a joint session of Congress.

In a Wednesday statement, the U.S. State Department quoted a complete article that claimed remarks Netanyahu made about the nuclear program of Iran misrepresented what Secretary Kerry had said during his testimony before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House on February 25.

During his address, Netanyahu had said that Kerry disclosed that Iran would legitimately possess the amount of centrifuges for enriching uranium before the deal that was designed to restrict the nuclear capability of Iran for a decade would end.

The leader of Israel, who referred to John Kerry as his long time friend during his speech, added that, that amount of centrifuges would put Iran only weeks from have sufficient enriched uranium for a complete arsenal of nuclear weapons and this with complete international legitimacy.

However, the article quoted by the White House, from an online site, noted that Secretary of State Kerry had just said that a peaceful program of nuclear power could use the same amount of centrifuges.

Kerry told the House committee that a civilian plant that produces power legitimately and not treated for proliferation could have the same number of centrifuges or more.

Later during his speech, the Israeli Prime Minister described the possible agreement with Iran as one that does not block the path of Iran to the bomb; it paves the path to the bomb for Iran.

The U.S. State Department released another statement that was the most recent salvo in the ongoing war of world, which marked the run up to the address by Netanyahu on Tuesday. It ended with strong criticism for the leader of Israeli from Democrats in Congress, including Nancy Pelosi the House Minority Leader who said the speech was just an insult to the intelligence of the U.S.

President Obama on Tuesday said he did not see Netanyahu’s address but read its transcript, which did not contain anything new.