President Barack Obama has criticized the budget proposal by House Republicans during a visit on Wednesday to Cleveland. The President moved the fiscal plans by the GOP as a path towards prosperity for those who already have prospered.

Obama said the recovery in the U.S. from the recession when he took office demonstrated that critics of his were wrong and that the prescriptions by Republicans for the U.S. economy do not work.

He added that the House’s budget plan just rehashed old ideas of cutting taxes for wealthy individuals, while gutting the healthcare law as well as programs that were beneficial to middle income families.

He said that middle class economics works while trickle-down economics do not. The speech from Obama came after he unveiled a $500 million investment that was public and private for a hub for manufacturing that provided workforce training as well as technology development.

He toured a Cleveland center where the government provides small manufactures with assistance including on local distillery of whiskey.

The appearance by the president in Cleveland prompted Republican leaders to react. Jim Renacci a U.S. Representative from Ohio said though Cleveland is headed toward a strong recovery many in the Northeast part of the state are struggling with this administration’s years of failed policies that have caused stagnant wages as well as the lowest participation rate by the labor force in close to four decades.

Renacci also criticized the regulation small business has and said a new federal healthcare system has higher costs with fewer choices.

The plan for the new budget unveiled on Tuesday by House Republicans would cut over $5.5 trillion for the government spending and privatize Medicare partially.

It also includes cuts to certain entitlement programs such as Medicaid and would repeal Obamacare, the healthcare law. Its supporters said the budget would help the budget to become balanced within the upcoming decade.

Neither the proposals by Republicans nor the blueprint of the budget by Obama that was sent earlier this year to Congress have any chance of being voted into law.