Hillary Clinton made a big endorsement of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s work to tamp down on the irresponsible risks being taken on Wall Street in an article in Time magazine on Thursday.

Clinton wrote that Warren never hesitates to attempt to maintain control over even the most powerful people from bankers, to lobbyists, to senior officials in the government and even aspirants of the White House.

Clinton is by far the frontrunner to become the Democratic nominee for president. However, she still has not revealed what economic policies she plans to take to the White House if she is elected. However, from what she has said over the past week it has been similar to Warren, who is a hero of the progressive left win in the Democratic Party.

In the same article in Time, Clinton wrote that Warren never lets anyone forget that the work of trying to tame the irresponsible risk taking on Wall Street and reforming the financial system is far from being finished.

The magazine recently named Warren, who is a former law professor at Harvard and a Massachusetts Senator on Capitol Hill, one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Whether this fondness for Senator Warren by the former New York Senator extends to any policies championed by Warren to increase regulation on Wall Street is still not clear.

While Clinton already has said that fighting income inequality in the U.S. is one of her top priorities, she has not given an indication of how she plans to achieve that as the president.

How much she possibly could differ from the policies of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, during the 1990s is unknown. Although his policies were more centrist than Hillary’s, seem to be.

Since the early 2000s, Hillary has not had any role in shaping the economic policy. At that time, she was one of two New York Senators and counted amongst her constituents the bankers on Wall Street.

Warren has a small yet politically active and vocal support group and her speeches that denounce the recklessness on Wall Street have at times been swapped across social media.