Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Running for President

Bernie Sanders a U.S. Senator from Vermont will announce on Thursday his plans to run for the Democratic nomination for the White House, presenting a liberal challenger for Hillary Clinton.

Sanders is an independent who called himself a democratic socialist. He will follow his statement with a big campaign kickoff in Vermont in several weeks. People familiar with the Thursday planned announcement requested anonymity due to not having permission to speak to the public about the matter.

Sanders will be the second major member of the Democrats to enter the race joining Mrs. Clinton. He urged Clinton to speak out about issues related to climate change and income inequality.

The former Secretary of State, New York Senator and first lady is viewed as the overwhelming favorite in the race for the Democratic nomination.

The Vermont senator and former Burlington, Vermont mayor has been a liberal who has blasted the concentration of wealth across America, while assailing what he calls the billionaire class that Sanders says had taken hold of the politics of the country.

His entry might be embraced by certain liberals amongst the Democrats who had become disenchanted with Clinton, while unsuccessfully urging Elizabeth Warren a Senator from Massachusetts to enter the race.

Recently, Sanders has been a strong critic of the proposed trade agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would eliminate the tariffs and the other barriers of trade for Asia, Canada and the U.S. conducting commerce amongst each other.

Sanders generated much attention back in 2010 when he held a lengthy speech on the Senate floor opposing the tax agreement by the Republicans and President Obama.

He has also called for there to be universal healthcare, a huge infrastructure, building and jobs program and a tax structure that is more progressive.

The Vermont senator generated enthusiasm in liberal enclaves and college campuses in the Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire the early voting states. He has made a number of trips to court the influential voters from the Democratic Party there.

One New Hampshire state senator Lou D’Allesandro said that Sanders would add color to the race, as he is not bashful about a thing.