Former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday reported they had earned over $25 million combined since January of 2014 for speaking fees.

The presidential campaign for Rodham Clinton reported that income in a disclosure report for personal finances that is required to be filed with the Federal Election Commission.

This report is required of each candidate for the White House. It also showed that Hillary earned over $5 million for Hard Choices here memoirs released in 2014.

While Rodham Clinton started her second White House campaign by casting herself as the champion of the middle class, she has received criticism for quite some time from the Republicans about all the wealth she and her husband have earned since he was president. That includes the six-figures the two command for giving speeches.

During her book tour last year, Clinton told one interviewer that her family was broke when they left the White House, but Republicans blamed that on a lack of understanding of typical family needs.

Liberals have questioned as well whether Clinton is tied too closely to Wall Street as evidenced by her days in the U.S. Senate representing New York.

They also are wary she may not seek to regulate the financial industry in the country aggressively and not serve as an adequate bulwark against financial inequality.

A Clinton campaign official announced that the FEC filing would show the Clintons earned over $25 million from over 100 speeches between January of 2014 and May of 2015.

The report listed the Clintons assets from $5 million to $25 million in a Vanguard mutual fund. The Clintons did not earn capital gains in the period and paid a tax rate of over 30% during the tax year 2014.

Clinton filed her financial disclosure the last time in 2012 during her final year as the Secretary of State. At that time, she reported her wealth at $4 million to $20 million.

Much of the income came from lucrative speeches as well as appearances made by former President Clinton across the globe. He earned $50 million for appearances from 2009 to 2012 while his wife was the country’s No. 1 diplomat.