Rand Paul: Republicans Need To Appeal to More Minorities

While traveling through southern California during a campaign trip, Rand Paul the Republican Senator called on the GOP to broaden outreach to minorities whom he beleives would help propel his party to more victories across the nation.

While he set the positive message forward to his party, which has been struggling across California, the senator from Kentucky at the same time lashed out at Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Paul is amongst the close to dozen candidates battling for the nomination in the Republican Party, gave a speech to a packed hotel ballroom in Irvine at the Flag Day Ceremonies for Republicans in Orange County.

Paul spoke about the important themes he has hit on in his speeches during his trip through the early voting states such as attacking the surveillance programs for the National Security Agency, calling for reforms in sentencing and emphasizing a need for the GOP to broaden overall appeal through messaging that is clearer.

Of recent, while calling for a reform in sentencing, Paul invoked Kalief Browder’s death. He was a black man who had committed suicide following a period of three years spent in Rikers prison in New York, without ever being charged formally with any crime. He spoke about the same on Friday night, by saying no Americans should have to spend over three years of his life in jail before going to trial.

Rand said he was a different type of Republican and said the message about outreach to the party to minorities had resonated.

He said he did not care if it were an all Republicans or an all white church gathering people needed to listen to it. He believes that for the party to expand it need to become broader and more diverse.

Speaking to an audience of GOP members Paul criticized Clinton for her time while Secretary of State. He said Hillary’s war in Libya made Americans less safe, adding that the Benghazi attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound should preclude her from becoming the president.