Scott Walker the Governor of Wisconsin officially entered the 2016 presidential race on Monday with a Facebook video and tweet making in the fifteenth Republicans candidate who will battle for the GOP nomination.

I am in. I am running for the president because Americans are deserving of a leader who is going to fight for them and win, said Walker in his early Monday tweet.

In the video he released on Facebook, the Wisconsin governor spoke directly to the camera telling the audience America needs some fresh leadership.

Weighing in on his 14 challengers he is going to face for the nomination, Walker said there are some who have become good fighters, but they have not won the battles. He said others won elections but have not taken on big fights. Walker says he has shown he can do both.

I am in, I am running for the President because Americans are deserving of a leader who is going to fight for them and win.

Walker is holding a rally on Monday night in Waukesha, Wisconsin and will make his announcement at that time in person.

His team decided on the site of the recall election rally of 2012, a key victory over his political opponents who initiated the recall effort after he weakened the unions of public employees. Walker has spoken about how did not back down even while facing threats against his family.

Following his announcement speech, Walker will barnstorm through four early caucus and primary states with heavy emphasis on this theme of a regular guy. He will stop at dealers of Harley Davidson in each state, barbecue while in South Carolina, visit a diner in New Hampshire; and tour on a Winnebago through Iowa.

There are some possible cracks in Walker’s foundation. He has faced declining approval ratings in Wisconsin due to facing tough economic and fiscal realities; there are questions about national stage readiness; no foreign policy experience; some skepticism from conservatives over how he shifts rhetoric on some issues such as same-sex marriage, education and immigration.