Republican candidates for the Party’s nomination immediately fire barbs back on social media at Donald Trump expressing outrage after his comment that insinuated that Senator John McCain might not have been a war hero.

Some candidates used the opportunity to speak about Trump and other opponents as well during a Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Saturday.

McCain spent over five years as a POW after being shot down during Vietnam. Rick Perry the former Governor of Texas and a presidential candidate was the first to mention the comments made by Trump.

He said he was very offended, as he had once worn the uniform of the U.S. Perry also continued on to say it was one of the worst things he had heard in his entire time running for the presidency.

Perry added that Trump does not understand or does not care about those who serve the country. He added that Trump has no right to question those that have sacrificed for the safety of the nation.

Perry ended by saying that Trump owed every veteran in the U.S. and in particular Senator John McCain a huge apology.

A person at the summit asked Perry if he thought that if Trump did not apologize to McCain would that disqualify him as a legitimate candidate for the presidency and Perry replied yes.

Lindsey Graham a U.S. Senator also addressed that this issue while speaking about the military.

John McCain, said Graham, was captured but he was not a loser.

Graham added that if Trump really had wanted to be the commander in chief and serious about that position, the last thing he would do is be disrespectful to another person.

Graham said McCain was his friend and that he served the U.S. in a very unique way. He said McCain and every other person who was a POW deserves a great deal of respect from fellow Americans.

Graham however did not limit is tough words to just Trump, he also fired them at Hillary Clinton the leading Democratic candidates for the White House.