Mixing spiritual with secular, John Kasich the Governor of Ohio on Tuesday becomes the 16th major candidate from the Republican Party to formally enter the race for his party’s nomination for president.

In a long speech to announce his candidacy at Ohio State his alma mater, Governor Kasich cited this vast experience as both a former member of the U.S. Congress and as a chief executive to suggest he brings unique skills to the crowded field of Republicans.

He said he knows what had to be done, as he has been there at every level.

Invoking the religious faith, he spoke for a long period about the need for a society that has more compassion and caring, citing Ohio programs that help the mentally ill, drug addicts and the economically challenged.

His expansion of access to healthcare under the government’s Affordable Care Act is somewhat of a sore point amongst the party’s conservatives, who attacked him prior to his official announcement.

Shunning any high-passionate rhetoric for a more conversational plainspoken style, the governor took issue with those purists and the hard liners across both political parties. He said the policy was more important than ideology, politics or any other nonsense seen.

He is known for his sometimes blunt and abrasive style that strategists are looking to turn into an asset calling his candor his authenticity.

However, his late start, his meager fundraising and political person that is hard to put a type to, he may not qualify for the first presidential debate making him a huge underdog unless he is able to get a quick boost in the opinion polls. The first debate for the GOP is scheduled to be held in Cleveland on August 6.

Taking much of the attention away from other 15 GOP candidates is Donald Trump who seems to be doing more harm than good, even though is popularity remains high in some of the recent polls of Republican voters.