John McAfee the Anti-Virus Maker and Ex-Fugitive Running for White House

John McAfee the creator of anti-virus software for computers and the self proclaimed eccentric millionaire turned fugitive from the tiny Central American country of Belize, filed his required paperwork in Tuesday to run for U.S. President as candidate in a third party.

McAfee, who turns 70 in a week, said he was founding a new political party in a statement he filed for his candidacy with the Federal Election Commission.

Details of his new party could be released as soon as the afternoon on Wednesday, when McAfee, who no longer is associated with the anti-virus software that bears his own name, promised to make an official announcement.

McAffee has had a colorful lifestyle and very public since he sold the remaining shares of his stock nearly 20 years ago.

Last month McAfee was arrested while in Tennessee on a charge of driving while intoxicated and for possession of a handgun while intoxicated.

However, it was while in Guatemala he was detailed in 2012 on the suspicion he had entered illegally into the country after leaving Belize under the cover of night when authorities there wanted to question him regarding the shooting of a neighbor. A few weeks later Guatemala deported McAfee back to the U.S.

McAfee has always denied involvement in the killing and was never named as a suspect by authorities in Belize, although his assets that were seized were sold off.

A blog by McAfee became very popular on Internet as he made frequent posts about being on the run, detailing his disguises.

Dean Barrow the prime minister of Belize then as well as currently, described McAfee as being extremely paranoid and even bonkers.

McAfee, whose biography on Twitter reads simply Eccentric Millionaire and Alive, listed his address in his fling with the FEC as Opelika, Alabama. This past March, Dateline NBC chronicled his case.