According to published reports, Martin O’Malley, a Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate said that gun control would be part of his plan of restoring the country’s American Dream.

O’Malley said that expanding the background checks for every purchase of a gun whether from an online posting, private sale or licensed dealer would be his first step.

This means every gun purchaser would have to pass a background check that was the same.

The same check was used on a number of mass murderers who passed it and received their gun permits to purchase. However, O’Malley assures supporters that expanding the check to more purchases is a key in cutting the number of deaths from guns by 50% within the next 10 years.

He also wants everyone to be required to obtain a license that is fingerprint based, including the completions of a safety training course and a waiting period.

The waiting period for O’Malley would be shorter than some states now have, but the number of days was not mentioned.

He pledged to target the gun dealers that are federally licensed in such a way that would force them to agree to the gun controls, which the U.S. Congress has not passed.

O’Malley said that in Maryland, where he was governor, that the state implemented some of the country’s toughest measures for gun control in order to crack down on the amount of gun violence.

Those reforms were put in place including required licensing, safety training, background checks and fingerprinting. He added that Maryland ensured that the requirement applied to every buyer.

Those opposing gun control measures have said that the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms and that those opposed to them are not aware that it is not the gun the kills, but the person who uses it.

They also said that people who kill would find a way to buy a gun regardless of gun control laws that are in place.