Carly Fiorina, speaking during a round of interviews for national television on Thursday morning, looked to temper the growing expectations of her presidential candidacy only hours after putting on the final changes of a widely praised debate performance in the second Republican debate.

The former CEO at Hewlett-Packard whose polished showing was a hit on cable news and social media overnight, opted to give a modest assessment of where she stood in the race, emphasizing there remains a long way to go before any actual votes are cast.

Fiorina pointed out that the first caucus is still four to five months away.

One interviewer asked Fiorina if she felt she had outright won the debate and she would only say she was quite satisfied with how she did.

Trump, the current frontrunner for Republicans spoke the longest and loudest at the debate that lasted close to three hours.

However, it was the former CEO at HP who was give rave reviews for the steady remarks as well as rebuttals that stood out on a staged crowded with 11 candidates.

She delivered some of the largest applause line and was able to distinguish herself due to her depth on issues, agility in responding to Trump attacks and her steeliness.

Even Trump, who has insulted the appearance of Fiorina and has criticized how she ran HP, had a few nice things that he said about his competitor.

He said he thought Carly had done well, but did not see it as being a standout.

However, many Republicans did. Ari Fleischer who as a former press secretary at the White House under George W. Bush said he would not be surprised if Fiorina did not move up after that debate.

However, she faces great challenges. Some comments she made in the debate about Planned Parenthood proved to be faulty by fact checkers. The new burst of attention on her campaign will involve a deeper scrutiny of her career in business, which critics said is her big vulnerability.