Obama Says the Republicans Are Like Grumpy Cat

U.S. President Barack Obama is not running the White House in 2016. However, he has already jumped into the role of campaigner in chief, as he has already likened the Republican candidates to Grumpy Cat, an Internet meme that depicts the unhappy cat.

Obama on Friday, became fired up when he took center stage at a Women’s Leadership forum presented by the Democratic National Committee, slamming the presidential candidates from the GOP for the pessimistic rhetoric they are using on the campaign trail.

Citing huge progress made in his presidency, the president asked why it was that politicians in the GOP are so negative about America. He called them gloomy, similar to the Grumpy Cat.

A number of times in his speech of 23 minutes, Obama made reference to statements made by the Republicans as crazy.

In particular, the president took issue that some candidates from the GOP were skeptical about the world’s climate change, an issue that has been important during the President’s two terms.

He said the way the GOP approaches global warming is a great illustration of other problems they are having.

He used an analogy by saying if someone visited 100 doctors with all but 1 saying you were sick, what then would you likely do?

Would you believe the 99 were wrong and a socialist plot set up to prevent you eating cheese?

Or would you think the doctors likely know what they saying.

He also made reference to the presidential candidates of the Democratic Party but did not use any names.

Many in the audience at one point thought he was about to make an endorsement during a long pause in his speech, but he then said he would be supporting whoever the party’s nominee was.

He mentioned his Vice President Joseph Biden who announced midweek he would not run for the White House.

While he publicly has not made any endorsement of a candidate the decision by Biden not to join the campaign gave home the opportunity to avoid making a choice between his Vice President and his former secretary of state.