Ted Cruz Goes on the Attack in Iowa

For months, Senator Ted Cruz used a cloak in the race for the Republican nomination, organizing pastors and raising large amount of cash, but somehow avoiding any detection or tangling with the other candidates.

However, that is no longer taking place.

The Texas Senator is now in the crosshairs and dealing with daily attacks from both Democrats and Republicans in a way he shied from at the start of the race. However, now he is punching back.

In what is likely the clearest signal to day that Cruz is now in the top tier, Democrats have their eyes trained on him for only the first time, with an early preview of when to expect out of them should Cruz win the nomination for the GOP.

One email from the Democratic National Committee to reporters said the Steve King had endorsed the Noisy Xenophobic Ted Cruz, after the congressman from Iowa announced he was backing Cruz.

A Super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton said that Cruz had an extreme vision to be the creator of an unrecognizable America.

Republicans attempting to gain some traction or at least attention from the media are now turning towards Cruz in ways that many of the players in the back of the pack have done with Trump.

Rick Santorum questions the conservative credentials of Cruz, arguing quite vigorously about his plan, now abandoned, to increase legal immigration should have him disqualified with the Republican base.

Cruz was challenged by Bobby Jindal to a debate head to head on Obamacare prior to the Louisiana governor dropping out of the race.

Jeb Bush, during an interview a week ago, dinged Cruz in a vote that he said Cruz was insufficiently tough on Islamic extremism.

Cruz is reluctant to engage rivals, which diverges a great deal from the Republican race, which for eight months has been just the opposite with everything but punches being thrown.

GOP hopefuls have called each other cancer of conservatism, they have ridiculed the looks of competitors on debate stages and have alleged that events from the childhoods of rival never took place.