Jennifer Herold is a mother of two and a candidate for the 7th House district seat of the Ohio legislature. The Republican is an occupational therapist and has two issues on her campaign platform: funds for public schools and awareness of mental health.

However, her opponent, Tom Patton the incumbent is receiving attention for another part of her political campaign. On a talk show last week on the radio, he emphasized that Herold was a young mother.

He said that the “gal” that was running against him was just 30 years old and a mother of two small infants.

He added that he did not know if anyone had explained to her that she would have to spend at least three nights each week in the state capital of Columbus.

Therefore, he concluded how will that work out for her as he waited until he was 48 and his kids were already raised before making a bid for public office.

Patton, who told his radio host he has not had a primary challenge in 14 years, called his opponent a “sweetie.”

In a prepared statement posted on Facebook, Herold addressed her opponent and defended the decision of her and her family to join the senate race. She called Patton’s comments both discriminatory and insulting.

She added that her family realized the sacrifice involved in holding public office however, Patton crossed the line by attempting to turn the fact she has two young children into something negative.

She wrote that it was insulting for her opponent to suggest motherhood was a liability.

She also wrote that only one man during her life has been allowed to say sweetie to her and from this point forward, she asked that Patton call her Ms. Herold, Jen, Jennifer or opponent.

Herold highlights that lawmakers who are female have children of a myriad of ages in the state’s legislature. Two House members, who are female, have each given birth during the current session.