As the New Hampshire presidential primaries approach, a new poll of polls by CNN finds that Sanders and Trump are holding sizable leads in their races, with each facing an opponent that has support that is quickly rising.

Sanders is currently leading Hillary Clinton 54% to 40%, which is slightly down from his lead of 55% to 37% in their previous poll of polls.

No polling of the public has found that Clinton is leading since November in New Hampshire.

Trump is tops in the field of GOP candidates with 31% which is far ahead of Marco Rubio who is now at 15%. Rubio picked up four percentage points since the last poll of polls in New Hampshire, which is the biggest change in average over the past week.

Ted Cruz trails Rubio with 13%, while John Kasich has 11% and Jeb Bush is holding 10%. That group of four has jockeyed for second much of the past few months.

The fifth candidate that is included often in this group is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. However, Christie’s support had been dwindling and he is well behind after falling another two points in the poll this week to just 5%. Carly Fiorina has 5% as well while Ben Carson is sitting at 3%.

However, the wide margins are not indicators that the political world is not turning its attentions away from New Hampshire quite yet. All polls included in this poll of polls had been completed before the Republican debate that was held on Saturday night. However, it is unknown what affect that will have on the last few days of campaigning.

Though any of the candidates is happy holding a lead such as Sanders and Trump do, the polls also indicate large chunks of voters that have not yet finalized their decisions.

In the last tracking pool, 30% of likely voters for the Republican Party said they had yet to decide whom they would be supporting as did over 16% of the Democrats.