political 1The FBI investigation into the use by Hillary Clinton of an email server that was private is ongoing, according to a document filed on Monday in federal court by a top official with the FBI.

In that letter, which was dated February 2, James Baker the General Counsel for the FBI wrote to the State Department’s Mary McLeod the acting legal advisor that details about the continuing investigation could undermine it.

He wrote that the FBI remained unable to provide requested information without affecting adversely the ongoing efforts of law enforcement.

The Justice Department filed the letter in connection with the lawsuit over the Freedom of Information Act, by Judicial Watch, the watchdog group.

In the letter Baker wrote in September, he declined to either confirm or deny that there was the existence of an investigation into the private email server used by Clinton, but now the FBI acknowledged generally that a probe has been ongoing.

However, Baker wrote, the FBI has not publicly acknowledged this focus, scope or any potential targets of such proceedings.

In late January, a source who is close to the investigation by the Justice Department said that the investigation was very ongoing and with reference to if the DOJ would seek to get an indictment against Clinton, said that no decision was made on the matter either way or the other.

Reince Priebus the Chairman of the Republican National Committee said through a prepared statement that the FBI formally making a confirmation of an investigation into the private server of Clinton was just one more reminder that she should not be trusted with the U.S. Presidency.

Priebus wrote that the announcement by the FBI confirms that investigation into the email server of Hillary Clinton is far from being completed. Clinton’s conduct ended up being severe error in her judgment that grossly endangered the countries national history, he added.