National Poll Shows Trump Trailing both Clinton and Sanders

Both remaining candidates from the Democrats running for their party’s presidential nomination easily top the Donald Trump front runner of the Republican in a general election hypothetical poll.

The new poll has Hillary Clinton, the front runner in the presidential nomination for her party, would likely have more of a challenge should Senators Marco Rubio of Florida or Ted Cruz of Texas win the GOP nomination.

In what appears the most likely scenario to emerge for past primaries, Clinton leads Trump by 8% or 52% to 44% amongst voters that are registered. That result leaned toward Clinton since the national poll was last released in January.

However, when Clinton faces off against any of top two other Republicans, things become much closer and are close what they had been in the last poll. Clinton trails Rubio 50% to 47%, which are identical to results from January. Versus Cruz, Clinton trails 49% to 48%, which is tighter than in January when Cruz led by 3 points.

Sanders holds the most favorable overall rating as any of the candidates in the entire field. He tops each of the three Republican candidates by a large margin. He leads Cruz 57% to 40%, Trump 55% to 43% and Rubio 53% to 45%.

In each comparison Sanders end up higher than his rival Clinton amongst young votes, men and independents.

The survey polled registered voters asking for them to pick which out of the remaining candidates where party did not matter, with Trump topping the lists on immigration, terrorism and the economy while Clinton leads in healthcare, foreign policy and race relations.

Voters were nearly split 50-50 between Clinton and Trump when it came to gun policy.

The choices of voters broken down by party provides a window into the areas which Trump could hold appeal cross party though the percentage of Republicans that chose Clinton for any test on issues tops at 85 for healthcare, while Trump is most trusted of leaning Democrats at 15% on terrorism, the economy 14% and immigration 13%.