Rivals in Republican Party Claim Trump Rallies Are Chaotic

Presidential rivals from the Republican Party that are lining up in position behind front runner Donald Trump blasted him for the violence that led to a rally of his being cancelled Friday night in Chicago.

Ted Cruz the Texas Senator, who is currently second in delegate count in the race for the GOP nomination, accused Trump of inciting restlessness that took place at the Chicago Pavilion at the University of Illinois.

Police arrested thirty people over the violence and the rally was then cancelled. Cruz said that any campaign disrespecting voters and one that encourages violence against the press is not correct.

Cruz spoke to reporters in Illinois on Friday night and warned that the violence at the rallies would not stop.

The candidate is the one urging the violence by saying people should be punched in the face, which means that the Friday incident will not be the last.

Marco Rubio the Florida Senator told reporters that his campaign does not have violence at rallies nor do incidents occur at the rallies of Cruz or John Kasich the Ohio Governor.

He said the same goes for the campaigns of the two Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders the Vermont Senator and Hillary Clinton.

Rubio added that only the events of one candidate have violence and some rhetoric used by that candidate has contributed to the environment and that makes it very disturbing.

Kasich criticized Trump as well saying that the seeds of division Trump has sown during the whole campaign have finally bore fruit and it turned out very ugly.

He encouraged Americans to become united and not to fall into a trap of dividing for a personal gain.

Trump defended the decision to cancel the rally Friday by saying, he did not want people to be hurt after the protesters had packed the arena where his rally was scheduled.

Protesters and rally goers squared off creating isolated confrontations that cause a chaotic atmosphere.