While speaking in Arizona at one of its casino resorts, Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for his party’s nomination, criticized Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for picking on those with no power.

Vermont Senator Sanders took on Arpaio by accusing him of carrying out un-American behavior. Sanders, while speaking at the resort, also pledged to devote more resources from the federal government to Native Americans who face an appalling level of inequalities.

The Sanders rally comes days after his wife, Jane, had held an impromptu talk with Arpaio at his Tent City, where he has jailed inmates living under the hot Arizona sun in tents.

Arpaio said that those conditions are not any worse that those faced overseas by many U.S. soldiers.

Sanders said Arpaio, who is very well known for his stance against undocumented immigrants, had ambushed his wife.

Mrs. Sanders asked about racial profiling and he could not give any answers, said the Senator.

She asked about the Tent City conditions as well as other alleged abuses and he did not have any answers.

Senator Sanders went on to say that, Arpaio cannot have any answers to those questions because he is doing something that is uncivilized and un-American.

In front of a cheering crowd, he said if elected to the presidency he would pass comprehensive reform in immigration and make a path toward citizenship, whether or not Arpaio liked it or not.

Sanders repeated the vow he has made to remain in the race, saying he believed he is on the path to being victorious over his opponent Hillary Clinton.

Next Tuesday, the Arizona primary will be held.

Sanders during his rally was introduced by Katherine Figueroa Bueno, an immigration activist who is only a teen and who at age 9 and saw both parents detained on television during a raid of a workplace by Arpaio’s deputies.

She said Arpaio took her childhood away as she grew up one day to the next and is like millions of kids left behind.