Protesters clashed with Donald Trump supporters following a speech he gave in Utah Friday ending a day of presidential candidate appearances, which also saw Republican Mitt Romney intensify his criticism of his party’s frontrunner.

Hundreds of people were chanting “Dump Trump” as police wearing riot gear were blocking the entrance to the building in Salt Lake City, after Trump protesters attempted to rush inside and entered into a number of different screaming matches with supporters of Trump who did not make it inside the venue.

Trump, during his first public appearance in Utah of his presidential campaign, said he loved Mormons. He was critical however, of Mitt Romney a Utah resident who he said was supporting Senator Ted Cruz in the upcoming state caucus.

Trump asked the crowd in the Infinity Event Center if Romney was actually a Mormon.

The announcement made by Romney, who is the most visible member of the faith, dealt a big blow to Ohio’s governor John Kasich as he was campaigning in the state.

The endorsement by Romney of Cruz was shrugged off by Kasich on Friday when he said Romney was entitled to his own opinion.

However, the governor of Ohio said that this election of voting for one to keep another out of office was a parlour game and the election was not about that.

Romney, who made Utah an adopted home, said that he is planning to vote in Tuesday’s caucus for Cruz. He gave that announcement on his Facebook page while Kasich was giving a speech to people at Utah Valley University.

Romney campaigned with the Ohio governor in other states however, he stopped short of giving him an endorsement. In addition, to being prominent member of the most dominant faith in Utah, Romney is revered as well in Utah for leading a turnaround of the Salt Lake City Olympics of 2002.

It is unsure how much the endorsement of Cruz might sway voters in the GOP in the caucuses on Tuesday.

Cruz has already received the backing of Senator Mike Lee a Utah Republican and should have a leg up on the rest of his party members in the race.