Last week during a period of just 48 hours, the conversation nationally went from the War on Terror to the War against Women due to another Trump tirade on Twitter one late night.

During the time of the now infamous Trump tweet threatening competitor Ted Cruz with spilling the beans about Cruz’s wife as a response to Super PAC anti-Trump ad that used Melania Trump in old modeling photos, the world was still reeling from the attack on Brussels by ISIS.

It was particularly bad timing considering that just one day earlier, Trump had failed to downplay the growing criticism of his lack of knowledge in foreign policy, with a speech to AIPAC a pro-Israel group.

The speech raised eyebrows when he would not rule out using nuclear weapons in a fight with ISIS and he suggested that the U.S. must pull back its role with NATO.

Belgium is not only a NATO member, but its headquarters are located in Brussels.

On that same Tuesday, something else was taking place and that was a huge loss by Trump to Cruz in Utah as Cruz walked away with 69% of the vote to 14% for Trump.

Although Trump won handily in Arizona, he has no received more than 50% of the vote in any state in the race. On two occasions, Cruz has taken over 50% and is the only GOP candidate to beat the real estate mogul in multiple events.

Shortly afterward the Twitter saga started. Some believe that Trump was defending his wife as spouses supposedly are off limits during elections. That could be true.

However, that did not stop Trump from trying to go after the wife of Jeb Bush last summer as he tweeted that Bush had to like illegals from Mexico due to his wife. Bush confronted him during one debate and given the opportunity to make an apology, Trump would not.

Trump attacking the appearance of Heidi Cruz was an assault on all women who are harshly judged by how they look, which affects women even as young girls.

Trump has also thrown tantrums where he has insulted women calling them fat pigs and bimbos.