The GOP presidential nomination campaign of Ted Cruz has seen renewed hope in the fight against front runner Donald Trump, as the real estate mogul experienced one of its worst weeks of the race in 2016 coinciding with the countdown to Wisconsin’s Tuesday primary.

A large loss for Trump this coming Tuesday in Wisconsin could greatly reduce the chances of securing delegates that he needs in order to clinch the nomination of the GOP prior to the national convention next July.

At this time, said Cruz, the entire country is looking at Wisconsin to see what happens in the race for the GOP.

Trump has said that if his campaign wins in Wisconsin, the race for the nomination is over. However, this week has been a horror show for his campaign with nothing going write from the start of the week onward.

Even prior to his arrival in Wisconsin, Trump was raked over the coals by three influential Wisconsin talk radio hosts. Tuesday only hours prior to his first stop in the campaign, Scott Walker the two-term Governor of the state endorsed Cruz.

Many of the problems that followed were due to Trump’s own campaign. Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for Trump was charged with simple battery due to an altercation with a female reporter.

Trump then had to pull back on his abortion stance that women needed to be punished for having an abortion, a comment that united both sides of the issue against the GOP front runner.

Wisconsin voters chimed in as soon as Trump arrived. One called him arrogant and rude, while another said he was a loose cannon who insults women.

A poll that is carried out by the law school at Marquette University last month showed Trump as holding at about 30% in Wisconsin, but the most recent survey released during the week showed Cruz was surging past the New York billionaire and holding a lead of over 10%.

If Cruz can sweep the delegates available in Wisconsin, Trump would have to win 57% of the remaining GOP delegates to collect the needed 1,237 to clinch the nomination. Thus far, he has won 48% of the delegates awarded.