Donald Trump Lashes Out at Hillary Clinton

On Wednesday, Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of sustained attacks on Hillary Clinton after the Democratic front-runner and likely nominee unloaded on the GOP presidential candidate over Trump University, his controversial school.

Trump started by pre-empting a foreign policy speech of Clinton’s for Thursday that was aimed at Trump, by suggesting her speech was full of lies and ended the barrage by insisting that Clinton should not be permitted to run for president due to the controversial use of an email server that was private during her work as Secretary of State.

Between the two attacks, Trump also said Clinton had no talent, slammed her decision-making on foreign policy while secretary of state and recycled a previous attack that had been reserved for his primary opponent in the GOP Jeb Bush, calling Clinton low energy.

Trump’s full focus on Clinton came after she slammed Trump on repeated occasions earlier in the day over new unsealed court documents pertaining to a lawsuit against Trump University the billionaire’s university, accusing Trump of scamming the students who had paid thousands of dollars from business courses that were much maligned.

However, amidst his constant attacks, Trump never once made mention of his Trump University or defended the university against her claims.

Trump did not bring up anything about the marital infidelity of Bill Clinton the former president nor did he knock Clinton as being an enabler as he frequently has during past barrages of assaults on the Democratic front-runner.

Trump previewed attacks that were upcoming against current President Barack Obama, who has used many recent appearances in public to attack Trump.

A source at the White House said that Obama wanted to get people fired up over voting for the Democratic presidential nominee this fall and would explode onto the political scene once his party’s nominee is picked.

Trump on Wednesday said that if Obama campaigns he can hit him the way he did Bill Clinton.

On Wednesday night, Trump spent the majority of his time talking about Hillary Clinton. As has become customary, the brash real estate mogul knocked Clinton not only on policy, but personally.

He said Hillary was not talented, as she did not have any real talent. Trump added that you just have to watch her talk and you can tell she is not a president.

He slammed her time as the secretary of state, saying the policies she supported made the region of the Middle East more dangerous than at any time before.