Republicans in the House looked to end a day filled with drama and a sit in of 16-hours by Democrats in the early morning hours of Thursday by adjourning for recess through July 5.

The move was done in an attempt to shut down the protest that started early Wednesday when House Democrats took control of the House floor attempting to force a gun control vote.

Just after 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, close to a dozen House Democrats including Nancy Pelosi the Minority Leader where on the House floor.

Although House cameras were shut off by leaders of the Republicans, Democrats continued Thursday morning to stream their activities live on the floor of the House.

Mark Takano a Representative plugged in his phone to an external source of power, set it on a chair and streamed on the page of Facebook even though he had already left the chamber.

The bid by the GOP to undermine the Democrats sit-in by closing the session swiftly during the middle of the night appeared to catch the Democrats somewhat off guard.

However, Democrats promised to keep on without the lights, cameras or session.

Pelosi said that just because the Republicans had left did not mean she and her fellow Democrats had to take no for an answer.

What remains unknown is how the Democrats would continue forward with their effort.

They could maintain the protest on smaller scale from now through July 5 and vowed they would restart a complete effort as soon as the House returns from recess during July.

In all, 170 House Democrats participated in the sit in, said lawmakers.

As of 5 a.m. on Thursday, 20 remained on the floor of the House with at least one close to falling asleep.

The House has adjourned said Minority Whip Steny Hoyer as he left the building, but added they would return as the Republicans had left during the dead of the night with unfinished business on the table.

Republican earlier in the day said that they would not give Democrats the votes they had wanted on gun control.

A spokesperson for Paul Ryan the House Speaker said the Democrats could continue their talking but the bottom line was that they have no strategy to end the game. The spokesperson added that the Senate had defeated the legislation the Democrats are call for.

She concluded by saying the House was focused on eliminating the terrorists, not constitutional rights of citizens who are law abiding.