A part of Hillary Clinton’s effort against Donald Trump, a group of high profile surrogates have been dispatched by the Clinton campaign.

Vice President Joseph Biden will be the ambassador of the Rust Belt, while Elizabeth Warren will be the unifier of the party who will speak to liberals in swing states.

President Barack Obama will be the overall motivator.

The campaign of Clinton has very high expectations and the roles of the high-profile surrogates are compartmentalized.

Biden will join Clinton Friday before being a fundraiser headliner for her during the afternoon, which follows Obama do the same on Wednesday in Charlotte.

The U.S. vice president was an emissary to industrial state working class voters, often times union members, that are being targeted by Donald Trump.

The national surrogates’ director for the 2008 campaign of Obama, Teal Beaker said that what these surrogates are doing is being taken to very targeted areas that relate to their individual profile.

The presence of the vice president, said Baker, on the trail is the most telling to those Democrats that are close to the Clinton presidential campaign, who have waited months for the group of three – Obama, Biden and Warren to visit the battleground states and ratchet up Clinton’s anti-Trump barrage.

For them, it signals an arrival of the next phase of the presidential campaign in which the highest profile Democrats imaginable that will likely included Hillary’s husband the former president Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama, join Hillary in cementing her case against the GOP nominee.

The contrast is huge with Trump, as he attempts to win over the leaders of his own party due to such a fraction amongst the GOP.

In other news, it has been reported that Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton this Tuesday.

Following three weeks of talks and private preparations, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will endorse Hillary Clinton at a New Hampshire campaign event, according to three people in the Democratic Party who have taken part in planning the event.

The campaign for Clinton said on Thursday it would travel to New Hampshire next week but did not provide any further details of the trip.

Sanders during a Thursday interview came very close to giving Clinton an endorsement as he ever has but in the end held back as the plan is to make it official on Tuesday.

The people who spoke about the endorsement asked for anonymity, but revealed that the endorsement came due in part from talks between Robby Mook the campaign manager for Clinton and Jeff Weaver the campaign manager for Sanders.